Green Left Party

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Green Left Party
Yeşil Sol Parti
Leader Eylem Tuncaelli (female spokesperson)
Naci Sönmez (male spokesperson)
Founded 25 November 2012
Headquarters İzmir 2 Cad. 45/15 Kızılay, Ankara
Ideology Green politics
Direct democracy
Political position Left-wing
National affiliation Peoples' Democratic Congress
European affiliation European Green Party
International affiliation none
Colours Green

Green Left Party (Turkish: Yeşil Sol Parti) is a left-libertarian and green party in Turkey. It was founded on 25 November 2012 with the name Greens and the Left Party of the Future (Turkish: Yeşiller ve Sol Gelecek Partisi) as a merger of the Greens Party and the Equality and Democracy Party. Many members of the Greens Party refused to join the party, mostly on the grounds that they found Libertarianism to be incompatible with the Green movement. The party changed its name in April 2016.

Prominent members include Murat Belge, left-liberal political author and columnist for Taraf; Kutluğ Ataman, filmmaker and contemporary artist; and Ufuk Uras, former Istanbul deputy and president of the Freedom and Solidarity Party. Belge, Ataman, and Uras, among other prominent figures affiliated with the party, are known for their support for the governing Justice and Development Party as they consolidated power and established an oppressive neoliberal regime in Turkey. They were particularly vocal before the 2010 constitutional referendum. On many occasions, Uras also supported the Gülen movement, who are widely believed to be associated with the 2016 Turkish coup d'état attempt in Turkey, among other illegal activities.

The party is one of the participants in the Peoples' Democratic Congress, a political initiative instrumental in founding the Peoples' Democratic Party in 2012.

The party has formally acknowledged the Armenian Genocide.[1]

Most of the few members of the party, who were formally affiliated with the Greens Party, left the Green Left Party in 2016.