Gu (administrative division)

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Revised Romanization gu
McCune–Reischauer ku
Autonomous district
Hangul 자치구
Hanja 自治區
Revised Romanization jachigu
McCune–Reischauer chach’iku
non-autonomous district
Hangul 일반구
Hanja 一般區
Revised Romanization ilbangu
McCune–Reischauer ilpanku

A gu, or district, is an administrative unit in South Korea. There are two kinds of districts in South Korea. One is the autonomous district of special and metropolitan cities, which is a municipal entity similar to a city with its own mayor along with its own legislative council. Yhe other is the non-autonomous district of municipal cities. Cities with over 500,000 people are allowed to have gu (notable exceptions to this rule are the cities of Gimhae, Hwaseong, and Namyangju).

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