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Guardian Media Group plc is a British based mass media company owning various media operations including The Guardian and The Observer. The group is wholly owned by Scott Trust Limited, which exists to secure the financial and editorial independence of The Guardian in perpetuity; the Group's 2018 annual report indicated that its owner, the Scott Trust Endowment Fund, reported a value of £1.01 billion. The company was founded as the Manchester Guardian Ltd. in 1907 when C. P. Scott bought the Manchester Guardian from the estate of his cousin Edward Taylor, it became the Manchester Guardian and Evening News Ltd when it bought out the Manchester Evening News in 1924 becoming the Guardian and Manchester Evening News Ltd to reflect the change in the morning paper's title. It adopted its current name in 1993. In 1991 it had a 20% stake in a consortium which included LWT, STV, The Walt Disney Company and Carlton Communications for a new ITV breakfast franchise called GMTV Guardian Monthly was a glossy magazine published by the Guardian Media Group for readers around the world.

Launched in November 2006, it made selections from The Guardian and The Observer’s magazine supplements available to an international audience of English-speakers. Issues contained interviews with cultural figures, features about world issues, regular articles on travel, sport, fashion and photography. In July 2007, the Guardian Media Group announced the cancellation of the Guardian Monthly. In a letter to subscribers, Will Ricketts, Guardian Monthly's publisher, explained the reasons for the cancellation of the monthly magazine: The company is taking a long-term strategic view of its activities and although Guardian Monthly has performed well in the busy and competitive international marketplace, we have decided that it is not the right time to continue with a global magazine offering. In March 2007 GMG sold 49.9% of Trader Media Group to Apax Partners, in a deal that valued Trader Media Group at £1.35 billion. In December 2007 it was announced that GMG and Apax had made a successful bid to buy Emap's business-to-business arm for around £1 billion.

In February 2010, the group sold its GMG Regional Media division to Trinity Mirror for £44.8 million. The sale ended the historic connection between The Guardian and Manchester as the sale of the Manchester Evening News was included in the package; the division's local television station for Greater Manchester, Channel M, two newspapers in Woking were not included in the sale. In June 2012, Global Radio acquired GMG Radio from Guardian Media Group plc. In January 2014, GMG disposed of its remaining interest in Trader Media Group. Carolyn McCall was the chief executive of Guardian Media Group and chair of Guardian News and Media Limited from 2006 until June 2010, when she was appointed chief executive of EasyJet. Andrew Miller the chief financial officer of the Group, was chief executive from July 2010 to 2015. David Pemsel took his place in 2015. In January 2020, it was announced that Annette Thomas would become the new chief executive in March 2020. In October 2017, the Guardian Media Group reported a plan to launch a new £42 million venture capital fund.

That plan was consummated, making the Scott Trust a limited partner in GMG Ventures LP, whose Chairman & Co-Founder is David Skipwith Pemsel as of December 2018. According to the GMG 2018 annual report, "this £42m venture capital fund is designed to contribute financial returns and to support GMG’s strategy by investing in early stage businesses focused on developing the next generation of media technology". In January 2020 GMG announced Annette Thomas, former editor of Nature, MD of Nature Publishing Group and chief executive of Macmillan Science and Education, as its new chief executive, she replaced David Pemsel. GMG’s core business is Guardian News & Media Limited, publisher of, The Guardian and The Observer newspapers. Guardian News & Media was formed as Guardian Newspapers Limited in 1967, adopting its present name in 2006; the group has a portfolio of investments to help support its journalism. They comprise: Ascential: an international business-to-business digital intelligence and events business.

GMG Property Services: a provider of software and design solutions to the property industry. An externally managed investment fund. Guardian Media Group exists to support the core purpose of its owner, Scott Trust Limited: to secure the financial and editorial independence of The Guardian in perpetuity, but in the 2011/12 year the group lost £75.6 million, for the three years up to June 2012, the paper itself lost £100,000 a day - leading Intelligent Life magazine to question whether The Guardian can survive. In 2014, The Guardian launched a membership scheme, aiming to avoid introducing a paywall and maintaining open access to the website; as of 2018 this approach was considered successful, having brought more than 1 million subscriptions or donations, with the paper hoping to break by April 2019, a goal they achieved in May 2019. The board of directors are: Neil Berkett David Pemsel Katharine Viner Alex Graham Jennifer Duvalier Nigel Morris John Paton Baroness Gail Rebuck Coram Williams Richard Kerr Yasmin Jetha Official website Guardian website TMG website GMG Property Services website

Mount Dallmann

Mount Dallmann is a bold mountain, 2,485 metres high, 11 miles east of the northern portion of the Conrad Mountains, in the Orvin Mountains of Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. It was discovered by the Third German Antarctic Expedition, led by Captain Alfred Ritscher, named for Eduard Dallmann, a German whaling captain who explored along the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula in 1873–1874. Dallmann was the first person to navigate under the German flag in Antarctic waters. List of mountains of Queen Maud Land Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Geological Survey document "Dallmann, Mount"

Wild Instinct

Wild Instinct is a children's television series produced by Procidis about a group of animals living in a zoo. They lead a secret, sophisticated life when humans do not watch them; the series premiered in 2001 in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Penguin under pressure Like father, like son Who am I? Croca gets tough The zoo book Tiger Minor Alca's secret Paparazzi Diet this Commando Komo I love Gnu Armagibbon For the love of Lea When the heat's on Woki E. T. All work and no play Rejuvenation Attaché-case Alca's nightmare A head for figures Zootomatik Man eater Once a star, always a star Artie alley cat Money, money Man's best friend Rumour is rife That's no elephant, that's my wife Astro-Glodys Rats-ketters The curse of the weird wolf The haunted cage One animal too many Chaet never prospers Chaotic park Unreluctant zero The invisible ape Dropped from the sky Lord Joe Head in the clouds The fleas war Saint-Valentine's Day No tea for Tigris The skunk who stunk Babe new world The great zoo race Best of enemies Mad toad's day knocked senseless Miss Connoch's horoscope Keeper's Christmas The sleigh Procidis Wild Instinct