Guercif Province

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Guercif Province
إقليم جرسيف
Location of Guercif Province at Oriental
Location of Guercif Province at Oriental
Country  Morocco
Region Oriental
Capital Guercif
 • Total 7,307 km2 (2,821 sq mi)
Population (2014)[1]
 • Total 216,717

Guercif (Arabic: إقليم جرسيف‎) is a province in the west of Oriental, Morocco. Its formed in 2009. The provincial capital is at Guercif.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Guercif province is divided into 1 municipality (Urban commune) and 9 communes (Rural communes).


Rural commune[edit]


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Coordinates: 34°08′09″N 3°12′20″W / 34.1359°N 3.2055°W / 34.1359; -3.2055