Gulidjan language

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Region Victoria
Ethnicity Gulidjan people
Extinct after 1839
Language codes
ISO 639-3 None (mis)
Glottolog cola1237[1]

Kolakngat (Kolacgnat, Colac), also known as Gulidjan (Coligan, Kolijon, Kolitjon), is an extinct aboriginal language of the Gulidjan people of Australia. It was not closely related to any other.


The language is first attested in 1839. Though much of the detail and vocabulary has been lost, there is sufficient to confirm that it constituted a separate language. About 100 words have survived. Some analysis suggests it may be a mixed language or creole language having something in common with each of the neighboring languages. Earliest sources refer to the language as Gulidjan, although James Dawson favoured Kolakgnat, which means 'belonging to sand'.[3]


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