Gulistan District

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Gulistan is located in Afghanistan
Location within Afghanistan
Coordinates: 32°30′24″N 63°46′09″E / 32.50667°N 63.76917°E / 32.50667; 63.76917
Country Afghanistan
ProvinceFarah Province
OccupationFlag of Taliban.svg Taliban
 • Total7,102 km2 (2,742 sq mi)
 • Total53,780
US 3rd Special Forces Group patrol a field in the Gulistan district

Gulistan, also transliterated as Golestan (Pashto/Persian: گلستان), is a district in Farah Province, Afghanistan. Its population, which is approximately 80% Pashtun with a Tajik minority, was estimated at 53,780 in October 2004;[1] the district has a total of 109 villages.[2] The main village, also called Gulistan, is situated at 1434 m altitude in the mountainous part of the district; the main road through the district is Route 522.

In September 2005, Taliban fighters briefly gained control of the district from Afghan security forces after heavy fighting.[3]


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