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The Turkish company Gulsan has been active in the food industry since 1948. The company' plant, situated in the industrial zone of Kayseri, consists of 10,000 m² of covered and 15,000 m² of open area. Jam, marmalade and halva are among Gulsan’s products. Frozen fruits and vegetables, fruit concentrate and paste are produced in Ozgul Gida A.S, which is one of the Gulsan’s brands. Frozen products are processed with individual quickly freezing (IQF) systems and stored in the cooling store within the 10,000 m² covered area.

In 1999, Nevşehir Nevbag Bagcilik and Fermantaion systems with its 3,000 m² covered and 16,000 m² open area, joined Gulsan. Vinegar and boiled grape juice are produced in this factory. In the year 2000, Gulsan–Meyve Fruit Juice Factory with its 10,000 m² covered and 20,000 m² open area also joined Gulsan. Fruit nectar is produced in this factory of Gulsan. Together with these, Gulsan aims to set up a fruit city within its structure.

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