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Lao Che - Gusła.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedJanuary 2002 (2002-01)
LabelS.P. Records
Lao Che chronology
Powstanie Warszawskie

Gusła (Polish for "Witchcraft") is the debut concept album of the Polish band Lao Che released in January 2002. The theme of the album is ancient Slavic culture and Slavic mythology.

Track listing[edit]

Titles in brackets are translated from Polish.

  1. "Astrolog" (Astrologer)
  2. "Kniaź" (Knyaz)
  3. "Klucznik (Rozdziobią nas kruki i wrony)" (Keymaker (Ravens and crows will peck us to pieces))
  4. "Wiedźma" (Witch)
  5. "Junak" [1]
  6. "Lelum Polelum" [2]
  7. "Mars: Anioł Choroby" (Mars: Angel of Disease)
  8. "Nałożnica" (Concubine)
  9. "Did Lirnik" [3]
  10. "Topielce"
  11. "Komtur"
  12. "Jestem Słowianinem" (I am a Slav)
  13. "Wisielec" (Hanged one)
  14. "Kat" (Executioner)


  1. ^ In the Old Polish language, "junak" is a plucky, brave fellow
  2. ^ Lelum Polelum is an ancient spell in Slavic witchcraft and also a title of a story by Ivan Franko
  3. ^ Did Lirnik is a Ruthenian expression for a Slavic aoidos