Gustavia, Saint Barthélemy

Gustavia is the main town and capital of the island of Saint Barthélemy. Called Le Carénage, it was renamed in honor of King Gustav III of Sweden. Saint Barthélemy was first claimed by France in 1648; the island was given to Sweden in exchange for trade rights in Gothenburg in 1784 and Sweden founded the Swedish West India Company. Prospering during the Napoleonic Wars, assets were low thereafter, the island was sold back to France in 1878; the eventual site of Gustavia was first called Le Carénage after the shelter it provided to damaged ships. According to the archives, the name Gustavia appeared between December 28, 1786, February 9, 1787. Gustavia remains as a reflection of the Swedish period. Three forts built in the mid- to late 17th century protected the harbour: Oscar and Gustav; the Saint-Bartholomew Anglican Church on the harbourfront was built in 1855. Gustavia's sister city is Piteå, located in Sweden; the sites of Fort Karl, overlooking Shell Beach south of town, Fort Gustav, at the base of the lighthouse to the north, are popular with hikers.

Fort Oscar, at the tip of Gustavia Peninsula, houses the Gendarmerie. There is a museum at the end of Victor Schoelcher Road on the peninsula. Gustavia has a few restaurants serving American, Italian and other types of food. Gustavia has many high-end boutiques that are an essential source of revenue for the island, one of the most high class luxury hotels on the island. There is a Royal Swedish Consulate at Gustavia; the climate is a tropical one with only minor variations in temperature. The island's small surface area of 24 square kilometres allows it to take advantage of the smooth and pleasant blow of trade winds. Average water and air temperatures move around 27 °C, the year is divided into two seasons: a dry one, referred to as Lent, a more humid one in summer; this latter season sets in between May and November, the ever-present sun is overcast by short passages of rainclouds with brief showers of 10 to 15 minutes. According to the Köppen Climate Classification system Gustavia has a tropical savanna climate, abbreviated "Aw" on climate maps.

The official currency of Saint Barthélemy is the euro. The town's public preschools and primary schools, under the authority of the Académie de la Guadeloupe, are: Ecole primaire Gustavia Ecole maternelle Gustavia Eugénie Blanchard — the oldest verified person in the world at the time of her death, she spent most of her life in Gustavia. List of lighthouses in Saint Barthélemy GovernmentCollectivity of Saint Barthélemy Comité Territorial du Tourisme Gustavia Harbor/Port de Gustavia General information"Saint Barthelemy"; the World Factbook. Central Intelligence Agency. Saint Barthélemy travel guide from Wikivoyage

The Philadelphia Experiment (film)

The Philadelphia Experiment is a 1984 science fiction film. It is directed by Stewart Raffill and stars Michael Paré, Bobby Di Cicco, Nancy Allen and based on the urban legend of the Philadelphia Experiment; the film is set in 1943 where two sailors, David Herdeg and Jim Parker, are stationed on a ship used for an experiment to make it invisible to radar. However, the experiment goes horribly wrong and the ship disappears and Herdeg and Parker find themselves in the Nevada desert in the year 1984, they find out the program has been revived in 1984, unexpectedly interacting with the experiment in 1943 and putting the entire world in danger. In 1943 United States Navy sailors, David Herdeg and Jim Parker, are assigned to the destroyer escort USS Eldridge during a project to make it invisible to radar; the ship is in Philadelphia Harbor, filled with equipment from a team led by James Longstreet. During the experiment, the equipment begins malfunctioning. Observers see the ship disappear but sailors on board experience a bizarre and disorienting phase shift.

David and Jim try to shut down the generator to stop the experiment but receive severe electric shocks when they touch the equipment. The two men jump overboard to escape. Instead of landing in Philadelphia Harbor during the daytime and Jim land during the night in a small desert town, which disappears as well, leaving them in the dark open desert, they are startled by the appearance of bright light in the sky—it's a military helicopter with a spotlight looking for intruders. They escape into the desert and after walking for miles, they find their way to a roadside diner the next day. An energy discharge from Jim destroys two arcade games in the diner, the angry diner owner grabs a revolver, demanding that Jim pay for the damages. David grabs the men run and carjack a car in the parking lot. Since he is unfamiliar with the automatic transmission, David takes the driver, a woman named Allison, as a hostage and driver, they are shocked when she tells them that they are in the year 1984. The police catch them.

Jim, suffering severe seizures, is hospitalized. David explains that he and Jim accidentally traveled through time. Jim disappears from his hospital bed in a corona of energy. David and Allison evade military police, who have arrived to take David into custody. Jim was from nearby California, so David decides to try to find his family, he and Allison drive to see them. Jim's wife Pamela, now a senior citizen recognizes David from 1943, she says that the Eldridge had reappeared minutes after disappearing and that a lot of the sailors on board had been horribly burned. Jim had returned and had been chastised and hospitalized after telling the truth about temporarily visiting 1984. David finds that he never came back. David sees Jim outside a window riding a horse, but Jim, who had come to terms with the bizarre events of 1943, refuses to speak with David; as David and Allison reluctantly leave, they see military police approaching and a high speed chase through Jim's ranch ensues. The two manage to elude them when the pursuing vehicle burns.

From the burning wreck, David salvages documents mentioning Dr. Longstreet. Recognizing that Longstreet had been involved with the Philadelphia experiment in 1943, David decides to find him; as they spend time together and Allison fall in love. In 1984, Dr. Longstreet has attempted to use the same technologies that were used in the original Philadelphia experiment to create a shield to protect from an ICBM attack; when the equipment was tested, the shielded town disappeared into "hyperspace", just like USS Eldridge had. The scientists are unable to shut down the experiment, despite cutting the power. Worse, the experiment has left a vortex in 1984; the vortex causes unstable and severe weather, including tornadoes and monstrous bolts of lightning. Longstreet predicts; the scientists discover the Eldridge inside. They theorize. David captures an assistant at Longstreet's home and forces the man to take them onto the base, but is captured when they get off the elevator in the control center. Longstreet shows him the situation.

He tells David that, according to surviving sailors from the Eldridge, the ship returned to Philadelphia in 1943 after David shut down the generator. Longstreet says that David must go through the vortex to the Eldridge and shut off the generator, or the vortex will destroy the Earth. Allison does not believe Longstreet and urges David not to do it, but he volunteers to go and save his ship and is outfitted with an electrically insulated suit to enable him to shut down the generator, he is catapulted into the vortex and lands on the deck of the Eldridge, where he finds the crew panicked and injured. He smashes arrays of vacuum tubes using a firefighting axe; the generator shuts down and David looks for Jim. Assured that Jim is fine, David disappears. Back in 1943, Longstreet and others watch the Eldridge reappear in Philadelphia, long-range observers note some crewmen are badly burned and others fused alive into the ship's hull. In 1984, the missing town reappears. Allison steals a jeep to drive to it.

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Nicky Johns

Nicky Johns is an English retired football goalkeeper who played both in the Football League and the North American Soccer League. Johns began his career with Minehead. In 1976, he signed with Millwall. In 1978, he played eight games with the Tampa Bay Rowdies of the North American Soccer League. However, the Rowdies had two good goalkeepers in Paul Hammond. Johns saw time in only eight games before being sent on loan to Sheffield United where he played one game; the Rowdies sent him on loan to Charlton Athletic. In February 1979, the Rowdies traded Johns to Charlton in exchange for Mike Flanagan, ejected from a Charlton game for fighting with his teammate Derek Hales. Johns experienced his greatest success at Charlton. Over ten seasons, he played 288 games and was named the 1981, 1983 and 1984 Charlton Player of the Year, he played for Queens Park Rangers before finishing his career with Maidstone United. In 2003, he became an assistant manager with Erith Town in the Kent League. Nicky Johns at Post War English & Scottish Football League A–Z Player's Database NASL stats