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Alexandras Avenue in Gyzi
Location within Athens
Location within Athens
Coordinates: 37°59′30″N 23°45′15″E / 37.99167°N 23.75417°E / 37.99167; 23.75417Coordinates: 37°59′30″N 23°45′15″E / 37.99167°N 23.75417°E / 37.99167; 23.75417
Postal code
114 73, 114 74, 114 75, 115 22
Area code(s)210

Gyzi (Greek: Γκύζη [ˈgi.zi] (About this soundlisten)); is a neighbourhood of Athens, Greece.


The area was named around 1925 after famous painter Nikolaos Gyzis. By all rights, the neighbourhood should have been called Γύζη (pronounced [ˈʝi.zi]). However, due to the fact that he signed his paintings using the Latin alphabet (as he lived in Germany for a time period), this was reabsorbed into the Greek language with the current spelling and pronunciation.

History and amenities[edit]

Gyzi was rapidly urbanised during the 1960s and 1970s.

The nearest metro stations (line 3) are Ampelokipi and Panormou.

It is popular among Greeks for having a strong base of Panathinaikos fans, one of the most historical Greek athletic clubs. Gyzi used to have a small river, the Vafeiochori, which was situated where Vafeiochoriou street is today. Local teams include Gyziakos and Panellinios. There are two primary schools and four high schools in the area.