Hậu Giang Province

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Hậu Giang Province
Tỉnh Hậu Giang
Location of Hậu Giang within Vietnam
Location of Hậu Giang within Vietnam
Coordinates: 9°47′N 105°28′E / 9.783°N 105.467°E / 9.783; 105.467Coordinates: 9°47′N 105°28′E / 9.783°N 105.467°E / 9.783; 105.467
Country  Vietnam
Region Mekong Delta
Capital Vị Thanh
 • People's Council Chair Huỳnh Thanh Tạo
 • People's Committee Chair Lữ Văn Hùng
 • Total 1,608 km2 (621 sq mi)
Population (2017)
 • Total 773,000
 • Density 480/km2 (1,200/sq mi)
 • Ethnicities Vietnamese, Hoa, Chăm, Khmer
Time zone ICT (UTC+7)
Area codes 293
ISO 3166 code VN-73
Website www.haugiang.gov.vn

Hậu Giang (About this sound listen) is a province of Vietnam, in the Mekong Delta region in the southern part of that country. Vị Thanh is the capital.

Until 1975, the province of Hậu Giang included the city of Cần Thơ; that city was the capital of the province. In 1975, the province was renamed Cần Thơ Province, with the city of Cần Thơ still the capital. In late 2004, Cần Thơ and some surrounding cities became Cần Thơ Municipality (Thành Phố Cần Thơ). The remainder of Cần Thơ Province became Hậu Giang Province.

Hậu Giang has an industrial zone of 902 ha. There are 120 km National roads: National Highway 61 (which leads to National Highway 1 which leads to Cần Thơ Municipality on the Hậu River which leads to Ho Chi Minh City), and water connections by canal and river to the Hậu River.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Hậu Giang is subdivided into eight district-level sub-divisions:

  • 5 districts:

They are further subdivided into 12 commune-level towns (or townships), 54 communes, and eight wards.

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