HMS Portisham (M2781)

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Balbriggan Harbour, The Portisham Is A Privately Owned Minesweeper - panoramio.jpg
Portisham as a liveaboard in Balbriggan, 2012.
Name: HMS Portisham
Namesake: Portisham
Builder: Dorset Yacht Co.
Launched: 3 November 1955
Completed: 26 March 1956
Homeport: Balbriggan
Identification: Portisham
Fate: Sold January 1989, currently in private ownership.
General characteristics
Class and type: Ham-class minesweeper
Displacement: 120 tons sd
Beam: 21.5ft
Propulsion: Originally, Paxman 12YHAXM, now Scania DS9 & Cummins L10
Speed: 14 kts
Range: TBD
Complement: 2 - 6
Notes: Pennant number(s): M2781 / IMS81

HMS Portisham was one of 93 ships of the Ham-class of inshore minesweepers.

Their names were all chosen from villages ending in -ham. The minesweeper was named after Portesham in Dorset, using an alternative spelling for the village.

After her sale in 1989 she was laid up and for sale in a boatyard in Essex. She was procured for conversion to a liveaboard ship by an Irish national in 2007 and is currently the second biggest private vessel under the Irish flag.