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HMS Prince of Wales (1860)

HMS Prince of Wales was one of six 121-gun screw-propelled first-rate three-decker line-of-battle ships of the Royal Navy. She was launched on 25 January 1860. In 1869 she was renamed HMS Britannia and under that name served at Dartmouth as a cadet training ship until 1905; the Prince of Wales was a 3,186 ton 120 gun design by John Edye and Isaac Watts for a modified Queen-class sailing line-of-battle ship. She was laid down at Portsmouth on 10 June 1848, though she was not formally ordered until 29 June, the design was approved on 28 July 1848. In 1849, the Royal Navy started ordering screw line-of-battle ships starting with the Agamemnon, it is possible that construction of Prince of Wales was suspended, as screw line-of-battle ships laid down after her, were completed before her. Prince of Wales was reordered to complete as a 121 gun screw line-of-battle ship on 9 April 1856, conversion work started on 27 October 1856, her half-sisters Duke of Wellington and Royal Sovereign were lengthened with an extra 23 ft amidships and 8 ft in the run, it was intended that Marlborough and Prince of Wales would be converted to the same plans, but they were further lengthened during construction.

Her engines were 800 nhp. She was launched on 25 January 1860, did her trials at sea in Stokes Bay on 31 October 1860 unrigged, she made an average of 12.569 knots. Prince of Wales was completed towards the end of the unarmoured phase of a naval arms race between Britain and France. In 1860 the Royal Navy had more wooden steam line-of-battle ships than it needed to man in peacetime; the Royal Navy's first armoured line-of-battle ship, Warrior was commissioned in 1861. Unarmoured screw line-of-battle ships were still of value in the early to mid-1860s, several new screw line-of-battle ships were commissioned in the 1860s. In 1867, the Prince of Wales's engines were removed so they could be installed in the ironclad Repulse. In 1869 she was renamed Britannia and began service as a cadet training ship at Dartmouth, replacing the previous Britannia in that role; as Britannia, she was a hulk, only had her foremast. Among those starting their naval careers on her were, in 1877, the future Admiral and First Sea Lord Rosslyn Wemyss, Prince Albert Victor, his younger brother, the future King George V.

A shore-based college at Dartmouth was opened in September 1905 and this was named Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. The Britannia training establishment was closed at the same time. A new King Edward VII-class battleship called Britannia was launched in December 1904; the former Prince of Wales was hulked in September 1909, sold to Garnham on 23 September 1914 resold to Hughes Bolckow arriving at Blyth in July 1916 for breaking up. In 1917 her "wreck" was etched by Frank Brangwyn, a print of which can be seen in Bruges' Groeningemuseum today. Lambert, Andrew Battleships in Transition, the Creation of the Steam Battlefleet 1815-1860, published Conway Maritime Press, 1984. ISBN 0-85177-315-X Lyon and Winfield, Rif The Sail and Steam Navy List, All the Ships of the Royal Navy 1815-1889, published Chatham, 2004, ISBN 1-86176-032-9

Đức Phổ Base Camp

Đức Phổ Base Camp is a former U. S. Marine Corps and U. S. Army base in Quảng Ngãi Province Vietnam; the base was located along Highway 1 midway between Da Nang and Qui Nhơn. LZ Montezuma was established by the U. S Marine Corps' Task Force X-Ray and the 2nd Battalion 5th Marines and 3rd Battalion 7th Marines were based here until 1 April 1967 when they were replaced by the 1st Cavalry Division in Operation Lejeune; the 1st Cavalry Division built a runway capable of landing de Havilland Canada C-7 Caribou aircraft at the base in early April. At the end of April the 1st Cavalry Division handed over the base to 3rd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division comprising: 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry 1st Battalion, 35th Infantry 2nd Battalion, 35th InfantryĐức Phổ served as the base for the 101st Airborne Division from June–November 1967. Other units stationed at Đức Phổ included: 2nd Battalion, 11th Artillery 6th Battalion, 11th Artillery 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry 198th Light Infantry Brigade On 3 August 1967 a C-7 Caribou on approach to Đức Phổ was hit by an outgoing 155mm shell which severed its tail section causing the aircraft to crash killing all 3 crewmen.

The falling C-7 was photographed by Hiromichi Mine just before impact. The base is abandoned and turned over to farmland, light industry and housing

Armor Games

Armor Games is a game portal website that hosts free Flash-based browser games across a wide variety of genres, including point-and-click adventure, puzzle, MMO games. Based in Irvine, the site was founded in 2004 by Daniel McNeely. Armor Games hosts curated Flash games and MMOs, sometimes sponsoring their creation; each game is uploaded and maintained by its original developer, with some including unlockable player achievements. In recent years, Armor Games has begun supporting HTML5 titles. Users can create online profiles. On March 3, Armor Games revealed that they had a data breach in 2019 and that the database was sold on the Dream Market; the Fancy Pants Adventures World 1 The Fancy Pants Adventures World 2 The Fancy Pants Adventures World 3 GemCraft GemCraft Chapter 0 GemCraft Labyrinth Aether Crush the Castle Warfare 1917 Warfare 1944 Shift Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush Frontiers Under the name Armor Games Studios, the company has begun to develop and publish indie games for Steam, mobile devices, consoles.

PC Magazine listed it in 2007 as one of the Top 100 undiscovered websites. Official website Armor Games Studios official website

Thomas Rabe

Thomas N. Rabe is a German professor for gynaecology and obstetrics at the University Hospital Heidelberg. Further he is author of reference books. Thomas Rabe earned his medical degree in Heidelberg. Since 1983 he is a specialized doctor for gynaecology and obstetrics, his research was focused on the steroid metabolism of the placenta, new methods of family planning, hormone therapy and the development of computer-based teaching systems. After his professorship for gynaecology and obstetrics in 1991, he became attending physician at the university hospital and at the department for gynaecology and fertility issues. Between 1995 and 1999 he was responsible for the scientific activities of the Collaborating Centres WHO at the university's hospital for women. Furthermore, Rabe belongs to the editorial staff of several national and international trade journals. Thomas Rabe is the grandson of John Rabe and advocates coming to terms with the history between China and Japan. With the support of his family Thomas Rabe founded the "John Rabe Communication Centre", dedicated to continue his grandfather John Rabe's vision of peace.

Amongst his international contacts to clinics and hospitals, Thomas Rabe is member of the International Council at the Austrian Service Abroad. 1996: honorary degree of the Semmelweis University, Hungary. Rabe T, Strowitzki T, Diedrich K. Manual on Assisted Reproduction. 2nd updated Edition. Springer Verlag Berlin, New York. Rabe T, Benno Fertility control - update and trends. Springer, Heidelberg. ISBN 3-540-64763-5 ISBN 978-3-540-64763-8 Rabe T, Runnebaum B. Fertility Control Springer, Heidelberg. Rabe T, Diedrich K, Runnebaum B. Assisted Reproduction - a manual. Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg ISBN 3-540-61134-7 ISBN 978-3-540-61134-9 Runnebaum B, Rabe T, Kiesel L. Future aspects in contraception: Part 1: Male contraception. MTP Press Limited, Falcon House, England Runnebaum B, Rabe T, Kiesel L. Female contraception and male fertility regulation. Parthenon Publishing Group, Casterton Hall, Lancaster, England ISBN 1-85070-334-5 ISBN 978-1-85070-334-1

Sal Mosca

Sal Mosca was an American jazz pianist, a student of Lennie Tristano. Born in Mount Vernon, New York, Mosca worked in cool post-bop. After playing in the United States Army Band during World War II, he studied at the New York College of Music using funds provided by the G. I. Bill, he began working with Lee Konitz in 1949 and worked with Warne Marsh. He spent much of his career teaching and was inactive since 1992, but new CDs were released in 2004, 2005, 2008. See for a full discography. He died in New York. Music How Deep, How High with Warne Marsh A Concert Sal Mosca/Warne Marsh Quartet Volumes 1 & 2 Thing-Ah-Majig With Lee Konitz Subconscious-Lee The New Sounds with Miles Davis Inside Hi-Fi Very Cool Spirits All Music Official website Discography Facebook

Katherine Monbiot

Katherine Monbiot was an English former World Champion armwrestler, active vegan and dietary nutritionist. In 1993, she was the women World Champion for armwrestling in right hand category. Born in 1964, Monbiot was dietary nutritionist and colonic irrigationist, she was the Chairwoman of the International Colonic Association. In 1993, Monbiot participated in several armwrestling competitions, she achieved third place in the British Arm wrestling Championships held in The Island, Ilford, in Ladies Right 60 kg category. In the 1993 European Arm wrestling competition held in London, she received second place in her category. In October 1993, Monbiot participated in the World Armwrestling Championship held in Edmonton and was declared the world champion in Ladies Right, 55 kg category; as of 1995, Monbiot was working as a hydrotherapist at Hale Clinic in London and was the chairwoman of the Colonic International Association. Monbiot died in May 1997, at the age of 33 as a result of injuries she sustained after having slipped in her bathroom.

1993 WAF World Championships, XlV WAF World Championships, Edmonton Alberta, Canada British Armwrestling Championships Top 3 Results,