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המירוץ למיליון
HaMerotz LaMillion
Season run 11 May (2013-05-11) – 31 August 2013 (2013-08-31)[1]
Filming dates 15 January (2013-01-15) – 2 February 2013 (2013-02-02); 30–31 July 2013
No. of episodes 33 (including recaps)
Presenter Ron Shahar
Winning team Talia Gorodess & Koby Windzberg
Season statistics
Continents visited 4
Countries visited 7
No. of legs 13
Season chronology
← Previous
Season 2
Next →
Season 4

HaMerotz LaMillion (Hebrew: המירוץ למיליון‎, lit. The Race to the Million) is an Israeli reality television game show based on the American series, The Amazing Race. The third installment of the series features 11 teams of two with a pre-existing relationship in a race around the world to win 1,000,000.

In August 2012, Reshet began casting for a third season of HaMerotz LaMillion, with final applications due on 31 December 2012.[2]

This season premiered on 11 May 2013 on Channel 2 with the finale on 31 August 2013 and hosted by Ron Shahar.

Newlyweds Talia Gorodess & Koby Windzberg were the winners of the third season of HaMerotz LaMillion


The following teams participated in the Race, with their relationships at the time of filming. Note that this table is not necessarily reflective of all content broadcast on television due to inclusion or exclusion of some data. Placements are listed in finishing order:

Team Relationship[3] Position (by leg) Roadblocks
1 2+ 3+ 4 5+ 6 7+ 8+ 9+ 10 11+3 12 13
טליה & קובי Talia & Koby Newlyweds from Giv'atayim 5th 6th 8th 8th 4th> 4th 1st 1st 2nd>^ 5th 2nd
1st 1st Talia 4, Koby 3
רומי & קורל Romi & Coral Sisters from Petah Tikva 3rd 3rd 4th 1st 3rd 3rd 7th 4th 4th»° 3rd 1st 3rd 2nd Romi 4, Coral 3
מעיין & בת-אל Ma'ayan & Bat-El Cousins on Both Side 9th 9th 5th 4th 5th> 5th 5th 3rd 1st>° 1st 4th 2nd 3rd Ma'ayan 4, Bat-El 3
דויד & אלירן David & Eliran Dock Workers 4th 5th 7th 3rd 1st> 2nd 2nd 2nd 3rd«
2nd 3rd 4th David 3, Eliran 4
דבי & דנה Debbie & Dana Real Estate Developer and Daughter 10th 4th 1st 6th
6th< 6th 3rd 5th 6th<
4th 5th
Debbie 4, Dana 3
אלירן & איציק Eliran & Itzik Falafel Seller and Beach Cleaner 6th 8th 2nd 5th 8th 1stƒ 6th 6th 5th»~ 6th Eliran 3, Itzik 3
מור & ליאור Mor & Lior Married with 2 Children 1st 2nd 6th 2nd
2nd> 7th 4th 7th Mor 3, Lior 1
שימי & יסמין Shimi & Yasmin Spouses 8th 7th 9th 7th 7th 8th Shimi 2, Yasmin 2
רונית & לירן Ronit & Liran Purchasing Manager and Lawyer 2nd 1st 3rd 9th Ronit 1, Liran 1
אנדריאה & רוני Andrea & Ronnie Grandparents to 19 Children 7th 10th1 10th2 Andrea 0, Ronnie 1
חרות & יופטוט Herut & Yoftut Religious Teenagers 11th Herut 0, Yoftut 0
  • A red team placement means the team was eliminated.
  • A green ƒ indicates that the team won a Fast Forward.
  • An underlined leg number indicates that there was no mandatory rest period at the Pit Stop and all teams were ordered to continue racing. An underlined team placement indicates that the team came in last on a "continue racing" leg was not eliminated.
  • A blue team placement indicates that the team was the last to arrive at a pit stop in a non-elimination leg of the race.
    • An underlined blue team's placement indicates that the team came in last on a non-elimination leg and were required to wear their winter clothing for the duration of the next leg (which took place in Brazil)
    • A bold blue team's placement indicates that the team came in last on a non-elimination leg and would have to wait an extra 30 minutes before departing on the next leg of the race.
    • An italicized blue placement indicates that the team came in last on an elimination leg but were saved by the team with the Salvage Pass.
  • An orange + indicates that there was a Double Battle on this leg of the race, while an orange − Indicates the team that lost the Double Battle and received a 15-minute penalty.
  • A brown ⊂ indicates the team who received a U-Turn; indicates that the team voted for the recipient; A cyan ⋑ indicates that the team was granted an exclusive U-Turn in a double U-Turn; indicates the team who received it.
  • A yellow < or orange « indicates the team who received a Yield; > or orange » indicates that the team voted for the recipient.
  • Matching colored symbols (teal ^, magenta °, and olive ~) indicate teams who worked together during part of the Leg as a result of an Intersection.
  1. ^ Andrea & Ronnie arrived at the Pit Stop in last place. However, Ronit & Liran used their Salvage Pass to save Andrea & Ronnie from elimination.
  2. ^ Andrea & Ronnie were removed from the race after Ronnie suffered a leg injury that sustained during the roadblock.
  3. ^ The Double U-Turn appeared after the first of two Detours, and targeted teams were only required to perform both tasks of that Detour.

Voting history[edit]

Teams may vote to choose either U-Turn or Yield. The team with the most votes received the U-Turn or Yield penalty, depending on the respective leg. In Leg 4 and 11 which contain Double U-Turn, all teams voted on the first U-Turn, but the team who was U-Turned was given the opportunity to use the second U-Turn for their own.

U-Turn Double U-Turn Yield U-Turn Yield Double U-Turn
Leg #: 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11
U-Turned/Yielded: Ma'ayan & Bat-El
(5/10 votes)
Debbie & Dana
(5/9 votes)
Mor & Lior Debbie & Dana
(4/8 votes)
Ma'ayan & Bat-El
(4/8 votes)
Mor & Lior
(4/7 votes)
Mor & Lior
(4/7 votes)
David & Eliran
(3/6 votes)
Debbie & Dana
(3/6 votes)
Debbie & Dana
(3/5 votes)
Talia & Koby
Voter Team's Vote
Talia & Koby Debbie & Dana Debbie & Dana None Debbie & Dana Ma'ayan & Bat-El Mor & Lior Mor & Lior Debbie & Dana Debbie & Dana None
Romi & Coral Ma'ayan & Bat-El Ma'ayan & Bat-El David & Eliran Talia & Koby Mor & Lior Mor & Lior David & Eliran David & Eliran
Ma'ayan & Bat-El Mor & Lior Debbie & Dana Debbie & Dana Debbie & Dana Debbie & Dana Debbie & Dana Debbie & Dana Debbie & Dana
David & Eliran Debbie & Dana Debbie & Dana Debbie & Dana Debbie & Dana Debbie & Dana Debbie & Dana Debbie & Dana Debbie & Dana
Debbie & Dana Ma'ayan & Bat-El Ma'ayan & Bat-El Mor & Lior Ma'ayan & Bat-El Ma'ayan & Bat-El Mor & Lior Mor & Lior David & Eliran David & Eliran Talia & Koby
Itzik & Eliran Ma'ayan & Bat-El Ma'ayan & Bat-El None Ma'ayan & Bat-El Ma'ayan & Bat-El Mor & Lior Mor & Lior David & Eliran
Mor & Lior Debbie & Dana Debbie & Dana Debbie & Dana Debbie & Dana Debbie & Dana Debbie & Dana
Shimi & Yasmin Ma'ayan & Bat-El Ma'ayan & Bat-El Ma'ayan & Bat-El Ma'ayan & Bat-El
Ronit & Liran Mor & Lior Debbie & Dana
Andrea & Ronnie Ma'ayan & Bat-El

Episode Titles[edit]

  1. The starting line event! (!אירוע ההזנקה)
  2. Who will get on plane? (?מי יעלה למטוס)
  3. Landing in Spain (נוחתים בספרד)
  4. Something surreal! (!סוריאליסטי משהו)
  5. Squeezing the juice! (!סוחטים את המיץ)
  6. Pleasant Scrub! (!קרצוף נעים)
  7. The great bedroom race (!מירוץ המיטות הגדול)
  8. Leaving Spain (נפרדים מספרד)
  9. Landing in Paris! (!נוחתים בפריז)
  10. Fabulous Paris! (!פריז רותחת)
  11. Which team will be Broken? (?מי מהזוגות יישבר)
  12. Landing in Brazil! (!נוחתים בברזיל)
  13. City of God (עיר האלוהים)
  14. Leaving Brazil! (!נפרדים מברזיל)
  15. The Way to Cuba (בדרך לקובה)
  16. Landing in the Salsa Rhythm of Cuba! (!נוחתים בקובה לקצב הסלסה)
  17. Cuban-style Celebration (חגיגה נוסח קובה)
  18. For whom the race will over? (?בשביל מי המירוץ יסתיים)
  19. Crocodile tears (דמעות תנין)
  20. Pirates of the Caribbean (שודדי הקאריביים)
  21. Landing in Vegas! (!נוחתים בווגאס)
  22. Who will have more Luck? (?למי יהיה יותר מזל)
  23. Vegas Is Huge! (!ואגס בענק)
  24. "To Infinity and Beyond" ("אל האינסוף ומעבר לו)
  25. Horror Film (סרט אימה)
  26. Leaving one of the Teams! (!נפרדים מאחד הזוגות)
  27. Secrets and Overwhelming Longing (הסודות והגעגועים מציפים)
  28. Running in the Snow (רצים בשלג)
  29. Indian Dance (ריקוד אינדיאני)
  30. Travel Diary of the Teams (יומן המסע של הזוגות)
  31. Fateful Quarterfinals (רבע הגמר הגורלי)
  32. Final Elimination Before the Finals (ההדחה האחרונה לפני הגמר)
  33. Grand Finale! (!הגמר הגדול)
  34. Speaking from the Heart! (!מדברים מהלב)


  • Leg 1 – A gift card loaded with prizes.
  • Leg 2 – The Salvage Pass (כרטיס הצלה) which allows them to save the last place team from elimination, or allows them to depart early on the next leg of the race, and a luxurious pampering treatment.
  • Leg 3 – A gift card loaded with prizes.
  • Leg 4 – A luxurious gift package.
  • Leg 5 – A gift card loaded with prizes.
  • Leg 6 – A gift card loaded with prizes.
  • Leg 7 – A luxurious gift package.
  • Leg 8 – A luxurious pampering treatment.
  • Leg 11 – A gift card loaded with prizes.
  • Leg 12 – A luxurious pampering treatment.
  • Leg 13
    • 1st Place – ₪1,000,000
    • 2nd Place – Two scooters
    • 3rd Place – Holiday abroad

Race summary[edit]

Destinations Legenda lotnisko.svg Air travel   Legenda kolej.svg Rail travel   Legenda prom.svg Water travel   Bus-logo.svg Bus travel
Route Markers Detour icon.svg צומת (Detour)   Roadblock icon.svg מחסום (Roadblock)   Fast Forward icon.svg קיצור דרך (Fast Forward)   Yield icon.svg עצור (Yield)
Intersection icon.svg מסלול משותף (Intersection)   U-Turn icon.svg סיבוב פרסה (U-Turn)   TAR-pitstop-icon.png נקודת סיום (Pit Stop)
Route Map of the Race.

Leg 1 (Israel)[edit]

The Roman theatre in Caesarea Maritima was the first Pit Stop of the Race.

Airdate: 11 May 2013

In the Detour, teams had to choose between אליעזר והגזר (Aley'ezer Vahegzer - Eliezer and the Carrot) and המפוזר מכפר אז״ר (Hamfuzer Mekhfer Azar - Babar Azar (in Hebrew)). In Eliezer and the Carrot, teams must convince 20 passers-by to donate their clothes, which teams would tie into a rope that they could use to pull a giant carrot out of the ground. In Babar Azar, teams would have to deliver 12 sacks across a marked field. However, one team member would have to move on their knees behind the other, mimicking a train engine. Once the conductor is satisfied, he will flip a sign, signalling their success, and give them their clue.

Additional tasks
  • At the Port of Haifa, teams needed to retrieve their next clue from the top of a large shipping container, which included crossing a rope ladder from one container to another and then crossing a large gap. They would be provided with an assortment of items which they could use however they wanted to get to the top. These items included ladders, hooks, a yoga ball, and a key which, unbeknownst to teams, would unlock a door halfway up that contained an extra ladder. Teams could take as many items that they needed, although it may be difficult to transport certain items up with them.

Leg 2 (Israel)[edit]

Airdate: 15 May 2013

Additional tasks
  • In the Double-Battle at Kibbutz Yakum, one team member from each team would be held in the air by a pulley, facing down. They would have to hold onto their partner in a bear hug and keep them in the air. The first person to drop their partner would lose.
  • After completing the Double-Battle, teams would find an informational flyer on the hood of their cars. They had to use these to decipher their next destination; the Herods Hotel. However, it would be written in archaic Hebrew, including using the former name for Tel Aviv: Ahuzat Bayit.
  • At the Herods Hotel, teams were required to pay 100 Qirsh to gain entry. They had to figure out that this equaled 1 new shekel.
  • Upon entry of the hotel, teams must find Chana Rubina and listen to her recite a poem by Natan Alterman in old Hebrew and then listen to a record of one of his songs. They must use this song to figure out which suite to go to and tell a nearby man at a typewriter. If they guess the correct suite, they will go there and find an Alterman impersonator, who will direct them to the suite of Tel Aviv's first mayor, Meir Dizengoff. They would then sample some soup. They must then travel to the dining room, where they will find hundred bowls of soup. Using only their sense of taste, they must find the same soup that they sampled in the suite to get their next clue. However, teams would have to completely consume any bowl of soup they sampled.
  • Teams needed to search the models of Mini Israel to find a clue directing them to their first destination; Madrid, Spain.

Leg 3 (Israel → Spain)[edit]

Madrid's Torre Picasso was the third Pit Stop of the Race.

Airdate: 18 May 2013, 22 May 2013, 29 May 2013

In the first Roadblock of the race, one team member would have to participate in the sport of bullfighting. Teams would dress as a matador and would have to let the bull pass through the cape, and then plant a ribbon on him. If successful, they will receive their next clue. In the Detour, teams had to choose between פלמנקו (Flamenco) and מקרנה (Macarena). In Flamenco, teams had to learn a series of Flamenco dance moves. They then had to travel (in costume) to Villa Rosa and perform before a panel of judges. If they are impressed, teams will receive their next clue. In Macarena, teams had to dress up in 90's-esque outfits and stand like statues in a store window. Outside the window was a button, and if a passer-by pushed the button, teams had to perform the Macarena. Once 15 pedestrians pushed the button, teams would get their next clue.

Additional note
  • Teams are given the option to hire a driver for the first half of the leg, but they had to provide all directions.
Additional tasks
  • At Martinez's Vegetable Shop, teams had to put on fake mustaches and pile 50 cauliflowers into their cars and keep them there until the end of the leg. However, once the cauliflowers were all in the car, teams could only walk by linking their arms together and remaining back-to-back.
  • Upon arrival at the Fernán Núñez Palace, teams had to solve a puzzle. An hourglass would be flipped and teams had to search through the mansion for a collection of items, each with its Hebrew name written out. Teams had to figure out that all of these items contain the same letters which, when scrambled, would spell out "Salvador Dalí", which was the password to open a door and receive their next clue. If they could not figure this out before the hourglass emptied, they would instead have to solve a surrealist jigsaw puzzle, which had an unusual configuration for completion (Not an exact rectangle). Teams were still required to walk back-to-back until they entered the challenge area.
  • After the above challenge, teams would have to stick their heads inside a cage full of 4000 flies and, without using their hands, eat an apple covered in honey. They also had to spread honey on their fake mustaches.
  • In the Double-Battle at Plaza Mayor, one team member from each team had to search through a pile of tomatoes, looking for one with a marker inside. While they were doing this, their teammates would team up with a group of locals to pelt the opposing team with tomatoes, like during the Spanish Tomatina festival.
  • At Puerta del Sol, teams needed to dress up as Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, and must perform one of four of chivalric tasks for Spanish locals. They could choose between carrying someone, helping someone carry their bags, acting as a stepstool, or placing a cloth over a puddle. Afterwards, they had to give someone a ride on a hobby horse.
  • Teams' final clue is an ID for Pablo Picasso (using his full name, but with "Pablo" and "Picasso" blanked out), which teams had to use to figure out the location of the Pit Stop; Torre Picasso.

Leg 4 (Spain)[edit]

On this leg, teams visited the statue of Maimonides in Córdoba.

Airdate: 1 June 2013, 5 June 2013, 8 June 2013

In this Leg's Roadblock, one team member had to stick their hand into one of three pots, each filled with something disgusting; maggots, mice or rotten meat. They had to retrieve a numbered card, which would determine how long their partner would have to hold two heavy buckets up above their shoulders to receive their next clue. In the Detour, teams chose between מלך השטיחים (Melkh HaShetyheym - King of Rugs) and מלך הסרנדות (Melkh HaSerenedot - King of Serenades). In King of Rugs, teams had to travel to Plaza de España where one team member had to ride on the other's shoulders and clean a rug by beating it. In King of Serenades, teams must join a group of troubadours and sing a serenade (in Hebrew) for a local female. They must hand over a violet to the local every time the word "violet" is sung. Halfway through the song, they had to switch who was singing and who was handing over the flowers.

Additional tasks
  • At the Hammam Al Andalus, teams had to wash each other with four bars of soap until a marker saying "Inquisition" was revealed inside one of them. At random intervals, they would be splashed with icy water.
  • After their task at Hammam Al Andalus, teams had to carry two heavy logs across town to the Museum of the Inquisition.
  • After the Roadblock, teams received a 1 New Shekel note, which has a picture of Maimonides on it, and had to find his statue in Córdoba.
  • At the statue of Maimonides, teams had to sing and dance with a rabbi, circling the statue four times, and then make a wish. After this, they would receive a departure time to Seville the next morning.
  • At Calle de Sierpes, teams had to dress in sleeping hats and had to convince some locals to carry a bed to the Seville Cathedral while they slept on it. The U-Turn voting board was located here.
  • At Seville Cathedral, teams had to mimic several funny faces made by winners of past "Funny Face Competitions". If they can mimic all of them successfully, they'll receive their next clue.
  • At the Sol y Sombra Tavern, teams had to eat 8 spicy Chorizo sausages weighing a total of 2 kg.
  • At Estadio de La Cartuja, one team member must try to score a goal in soccer against two defenders. Their partner must take on the role of a sports broadcaster and must give a long cry of "Goooaaalll" at a certain decibel level. If the broadcaster runs out of breath and stops shouting, the dribbler must return to the beginning and try to score again.
  • After the soccer challenge, teams had to search among the stadium's 60 000 seats to find their next clue. However, some envelopes simply contained a card saying "Try again".

Leg 5 (Spain → France)[edit]

During the Roadblock in Paris, one team member had to find a lock that fits a given key at le Pont des Arts.

Airdate: 12 June 2013, 15 June 2013, 19 June 2013

In the Detour, teams had to choose between מארי אנטואנט (Marie Antoinette) and צמר גפן מתוק (Tzemer Gefen Metoq - Cotton Candy). In Marie Antoinette, teams would have to eat a selection of raw ingredients that are used in baking a cake; flour, an egg, oil, sugar, baking soda and cocoa powder. Then, they would have to eat the edible candles that go on the cake. In Cotton Candy, teams would receive a large serving of cotton candy and had to finish it before the one rotation of a carousel. Each team member was only allowed to use one hand to hold onto the cotton candy. If they could not finish it before the ride stopped, they would have to start again. In the Roadblock, one team member would have to dress up as Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, including an 8kg "hump" on their back. A woman dressed as Esmeralda would give them a key, and they would have to find the lock that it unlocked amongst hundreds of locks (Representing Quasimodo and Esmeralda's love). For every lock they try that does not open, their partner must ring a bell to declare their failure in love.

Additional tasks
  • At the beginning of the leg, teams received their first clue in the form of a Tablet computer and were only presented with France's national anthem. They had to identify for themselves which country they'd be traveling to.
  • From the moment teams leave the airport to the reveal of who received the Yield, teams were only permitted to speak in Hebrew; not any other language.
  • At Passerelle Debilly, teams would encounter a mime and needed to interpret his movements correctly. His performance would involve an imitation of can-can dancers, which teams would have to identify, and at the end he would produce a garter which would have the teams' next clue on it. The Yield voting board was located here.
  • At the Ranelagh Theatre, teams had to get in costume and learn how to properly perform a can-can dance to the satisfaction of a judge to get their next clue.
  • At Montmartre, teams discovered who would receive the Yield later in the race. After this, teams would have to pamper a small, French dog. They had to take this dog with them until after the Double-Battle. At predetermined intervals, a "barking dog song" would play, and when teams heard this they would have to brush their dog, feed it, and sing a rhyming song to it. They would have to search among the famous painters of Montmartre to find an artist who has drawn caricatures of them and their dog. They would then get their next clue.
  • In the Double-Battle, two teams would compete against each other on the French fashion catwalk in underwear, either their own or some provided fashionable underwear. They would be judged by a panel of professionals on their poise and style, their timing and their charisma. The judges will choose one team as a winner and give them the next clue.
  • At Pavilion Kleber, teams had to stack 364 champagne coupes into a 12-level pyramid with only one coupe on the top level, then pour the entire contents of a magnum of champagne onto the top of the pyramid – all without breaking any of the glasses – in order to receive their next clue. Every five minutes, teams would have to drink a coupe of champagne.
  • Before checking into the Pit Stop, teams had to identify what the Pit Stop greeter was dressed as, who was hidden from view. They had 2 minutes to ask 21 yes or no questions to try to identify which well-known French icon he was dressed as (a Baguette). If they could not guess correctly, they would serve a 15-minute penalty before they could try again.

Leg 6 (France → Brazil)[edit]

The favela Rocinha was visited on this Leg of the Race.

Airdate: 22 June 2013, 26 June 2013, 29 June 2013

For the Fast Forward, teams had to join with a Brazilian couple and play Frescoball. The twist was that the task took place on a nude beach, and so all participants had to play in the nude. Each team member would have to work together with one member of the couple each to keep a ball in the air for 30 hits to get the Fast Forward clue. In the Roadblock, one team member had to take a harrowing glider ride from the top of Pedra Bonita back down to the beach. Once they landed, they had to swim out into the waves to reunite with their partner, who was sitting on a surfboard. In the Detour, teams had to choose between כדורגל (Khedoregel - Football) and קפה (Qefeh - Coffee). In Football, teams had to play a game of The One in the Middle with a group of local football players. They would stand in the middle, and would have to get the ball away from a group of four. They would pass it to their partner, who had to score a goal against a local goalkeeper. If they fail to score a goal, they have to play One in the Middle again. In Coffee, teams had to find a cafe, where the owner would prepare five pots of different kinds of coffee. One team member had to drink a glass of the coffee, while the other had to taste the mixture. They had to work together to figure out which mix went with which kind of coffee.

Additional tasks
  • At Copacabana, teams had to join with a professional Samba dancer and learn how to dance the Samba. They would then have to samba with their dance partner continuously until the end of the Roadblock, except when performing other tasks (They also had to dance at least once while riding the city bus).
  • At Copacabana Beach, teams would vote for the U-Turn. They then had to look for a sand sculpture of sunbathers with an arrow pointing them towards their next clue. Teams then had to perform 30 minutes of Brazilian aerobics designed to tone their buttocks.
  • At Peniel's Key Stand, teams received a key to the Porta do Céu, which they had to find on their own.
  • At the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, teams had to endure a Brazilian body waxing session. After this, they had to learn and perform a series of 12 bodybuilding poses for a panel of judges and receive at least 10 points to receive their next clue.
  • Teams' final clue was a tablet computer that played two songs (Copacabana and The Girl from Ipanema). Teams had to figure out that the Pit Stop was located between Copacabana and Ipanema beaches.

Leg 7 (Brazil → Cuba)[edit]

In a cigar factory in Havana, one team member had to roll a perfect H. Upmann cigar.

Airdate: 6 July 2013, 10 July 2013, 13 July 2013

In the Detour, teams chose between מסיבה קובנית (Mesibah Qubeneyt - Cuban Party) and מספרה קובנית (Mesperah Qubeneyt - Cuban Barbershop). In Cuban Party, teams had to hand out bandanas to at least 40 locals and lead them dancing down the streets. In Cuban Barbershop, teams had to convince two local men on the street to undergo a beauty treatment, involving shampooing their hair, massaging their scalp, and shaving their facial hair.

Additional tasks
  • Upon arriving in Havana, teams had to find a marked classic car and drive themselves to the H. Upmann Cigar Factory.
  • At the H. Upmann Cigar Factory, one team member had to make three Cuban cigars while wearing a blindfold, while the other team member gave them directions. There would also be someone reading a history of Cuban cigars in Spanish over a loudspeaker to distract the teams while they did this.
  • In the Double-Battle, teams had to balance a tray of 12 Daiquiris between one hand from each team member, and carry them from the Floridita Bar to the Hotel Ambos Mundos through a street festival. Whoever spilled the least liquid below the red line would win the Double-Battle. If it was a tie, then whoever made it to the hotel first would win.
  • At the Santería residence, teams received an extremely unusual blessing from the priestess.
  • On Hospital Street, teams needed to find a fortune teller. She would use Tarot cards to read their fortune, after which they would vote for the U-Turn.
  • After the Detour, teams had to search for a Cuban hitchhiker at a marked pick-up location and drive them to their house. Once there, they had to take a 30-minute break from the race to eat dinner with and spend time with the local they had picked up. Towards the end of their visit, the Cuban family would deliver them a package that had been sent from the teams' families in Israel.

Leg 8 (Cuba)[edit]

At the crocodile farm in Ciénaga de Zapata, teams had to catch a Cuban crocodile to receive their next clue.

Airdate: 17 July 2013, 20 July 2013

  • Jagüey Grande (Australia Township – Ciénaga de Zapata – Crocodile Farm)
  • Jagüey Grande (Soplillar Village) (Double-Battle)
  • Sancti Spíritus (Victoria de Girón - Campismo Popular)
  • Sancti Spíritus (Victoria de Girón - Green Bar)
  • Matanzas (Playa Shackleton) Detour: Robbery at Sea or Robbery in the Air
  • Matanzas (Beach) U-Turn: 4 teams U-Turned Mor & Lior
  • Matanzas (Playa Centro de Fionros)
  • Jagüey Grande (Hotel Villa Guamá next to Laguna del Tesoro) Pit Stop: Leg 8

In the Detour, teams had to choose between שוד בים (Shod Beyem - Robbery at Sea) and שוד באוויר (Shod Baveyer - Robbery in the Air). In Robbery at Sea, teams had to retrieve all of the items from a boat moored just off shore, carrying them through the waves with only their arms. After all the items had been delivered to shore, they would also have to carry the pirate in the boat to shore on their shoulders. However, they had to carry at least one of the objects along with the pirate. In Robbery in the Air, teams would both be suspended in a net hanging in the air. They had to use ropes to pull themselves towards a hanging flag and satchel of money, which they had to grab. If they dropped one of the items, they had to restart.

Additional tasks
  • At the crocodile farm, teams would first enter a pen filled with baby Cuban crocodiles and each team member had to use their bare hands to catch eight of them at once. After this, they would enter a different pen and would have to use a stick and rope to wrangle a full grown Cuban crocodile.
  • In the Double-Battle at Soplillar Village, two teams will compete in a horse-drawn cart race, following a series of flags to the finish line.
  • At Campismo Popular, after voting for who would be U-Turned, teams had to take a 25-minute break from the race, during which they could eat fruit, drink fruit juice, and write a message to their loved ones at home, which they would put in a bottle and throw out to sea.
  • At the green bar, teams had to dress up as pirates and wear the outfit for the rest of the leg, including an eyepatch.
  • At Playa Centro de Fionros, one team member would be buried up to their head in the sand. The other team member would have to pour bottles of sticky, slimy liquids on top of their head, looking for a small pearl. They could then open a treasure chest and retrieve a treasure map, which would direct them to the Pit Stop.

Leg 9 (Cuba → United States)[edit]

While in Las Vegas, teams visited various areas on the Las Vegas Strip: Fremont Street, where teams had to locate a roulette and buildings on Las Vegas Boulevard where they played strip poker for a Double-Battle.

Airdate: 24 July 2013, 27 July 2013, 31 July 2013, 3 August 2013

In the Leg's first Roadblock, one team member had to enter a revolving glass door and change out of their Elvis costume and into a superhero outfit while it rotated. They had to completely change within the span of 20 seconds. Then, they had to carry both their partner and a cut-out design of a car, keeping both off the ground and the car above their head. They had to search the Las Vegas Strip for a woman dressed as a princess outside of the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino to get their next clue. For the second Roadblock, the other team member had to perform a 261 m (840 ft) Skyjump off the Stratosphere Tower.

Additional tasks
  • On Fremont Street, teams would come across a roulette with the numbers 1 to 6. Teams had to spin a roulette wheel on this street with the numbers 1-6. Teams had to spin the wheel and remove whichever number it landed on. This number would indicate the position that they were allowed to leave in. For example, if teams span a "2" but no-one had spun a "1" yet, they would have to wait until someone span a "1" and departed in first place before they could depart in second.
  • At the Harley Davidson Cafe, teams had to win an arm wrestling match against a 120+ kg patron. They would then both have to drink a large glass of non-alcoholic beer, entirely consuming it in 2 minutes, to get their next clue.
  • Teams traveled from the Cafe to the wedding chapel on Harley Davidson motorcycles.
  • Once at the Little White Wedding Chapel, teams had to search the streets for a couple willing to get married. They would then travel, along with the couple, to City Hall to get a legal marriage license for the couple. Finally, they would return to the Wedding Chapel perform the wedding, with the team members acting as best men and maids of honour. If the wedding went off without any problems, teams would get their next clue.
  • At Las Vegas Boulevard, teams had to find a limo to pick them up, and inside they would find the Double-Battle. In it, teams would have to play a simplified version of strip poker against each other. Each team would be dealt a card, and the team with the lower card would have to take off an article of clothing. Aces were high. This would continue until one team refused to take off anything else (or had nothing left to take off). The losing team would be forced to walk the streets naked while wearing a cardboard box with the humiliating message of "I just lost a game of strip poker" during their 15-minute penalty.
  • At Tropicana Avenue, teams voted for who would get Yielded.
  • At Star Costume, teams would be given a single 7XL shirt and a pair of 7XL pants. Both team members would have to wear these together and then travel to Roxy's Diner. They had to remain in these clothes until they reached Dino's Lounge.
  • During the Intersection at Roxy's Diner, the joined teams had to work together to eat a single 2.5 kg (5.5 pound) hamburger of enormous proportions. They were no longer joined after this task.
  • At Dino's Lounge teams would discover who would receive the Yield. Then, teams had to dress up as Elvis Presley and watch a video of Presley's performances. They had to perform one of Elvis's songs for a judge. If he was satisfied with their performance, teams would receive their next clue.
  • At the intersection of Giles and Ali Baba, teams stepped on the Pit Stop mat where a limo would arrive to pick them up. After being welcomed to Las Vegas by "Marilyn Monroe" they would find the host, Ron Shahar, in the limo where he would check them in for the Leg while being driven around. However, the teams were told to keep on racing and were dropped off back at the intersection.

Leg 10 (United States)[edit]

Arizona's Hoover Dam was the 10th Pit Stop of the Race.

Airdate: 7 August 2013, 10 August 2013

In this Leg's Roadblock, one team member had to be buried alive in a wooden crate, simulating the actions of the American Mafia, and had to remain buried for 10 minutes without panicking.

Additional tasks
  • Upon arrival at the cemetery set up at Dig This!, teams would watch a creepy video of a man reading a paragraph of text, which would incorporate in it the Hebrew names of various American horror films. They had to figure out that these horror movies were the theme and tell this to the gate guard to receive their next clue and be granted entry.
  • At the house, teams had to perform three tasks, choosing from two "Trick" tasks and two "Treat" ones. The trick tasks were to kiss a frog, in reference to The Frog Prince and to successfully bob for five apples each from icy water. The treat tasks were to eat a very large gummy bear, and to take a pie in the face by surprise. They could pick "trick" or "treat" to decide which task they would complete next, but the tasks would be completely unknown to them.
  • After the Trick or Treat task, teams went around to the back of the house to find a Dunk Tank. One team member had to sit in the tank while the other had to hit a target, plunging their partner into the cold, slimy water. The dunked team member had to then find a small flag inside the tank.
  • At the Longevity Sports Center, teams had to play American football against four members of the Legends Football League. Once they scored a touchdown, they would receive their next clue.
  • Teams would be driven from Las Vegas to Boulder City in the cabin of an 18-wheeler. Unbeknownst to them, after the song Country Roads had finished playing on the radio, teams would listen to a special radio broadcast and a song dedication "for a couple who left everything behind to travel around the world, to take part in The Amazing Race" A message from their families would start to play and after this, the chosen song.
  • At the Chevron Aviation building, team members had to work together to pull a 12-ton 18-wheeler across a marked red line.
  • At the A&W parking lot, teams had to help out at a bikini car wash. They had to charge $3 per car wash, but were allowed to ask for tips. Teams had to make enough money to pay their truck driver for gas to get them to the Pit Stop.
Additional note
  • During the Pit Stop, teams received video messages from their loved ones at home. After this, teams participated in a task for fun that involved matching all eleven teams with their baby pictures.

Leg 11 (United States)[edit]

The Arizona Snowbowl in Flagstaff was visited during this Leg of the Race.

Airdate: 17 August 2013, 21 August 2013, 28 August 2013

In this Leg's first Detour, teams had to choose between לאסוף (Lasof - Collect) or לסחוב (Leschob - Haul). In Collect, teams had to stack firewood until they made a perfectly rectangular stack that was at least 2 meters high. In Haul, both team members had to put on snowshoes and carry two people on their backs around a marked course through the woods. A maximum of three teams would be able to complete each side of the Detour simultaneously. In the second Detour, teams had to choose between רודיאו (Rodeo) and קאנטרי (Country). In Rodeo, both team members had to ride on a mechanical bull and stay on for 30 sequences of the ride to receive their next clue. In Country, teams had to learn how to perform a country yodel. If they could perform yodeling accompaniment to an acoustic song to the satisfaction of an audience, they would receive their next clue.

Additional tasks
  • At the Arizona Snowbowl, teams would receive a rescue toboggan and an avalanche beacon. They would have to climb up a snowy hill and use the avalanche beacon to find a buried search & rescue training mannequin. They had to dig out the mannequin, secure it onto the toboggan, and then slide back down the hill to complete the task and receive their next clue. After this, they would vote for who would be U-Turned.
  • After completing the search & rescue task, teams received a snow-globe with their next destination printed on the inside.
  • In the Double-Battle at the Flagstaff Nordic Center, teams would compete in a two-person dog sledding relay race. Each team member could only race while in possession of the snow globe. The team that finished first would get to continue with the race.
  • Upon arrival at the Wigwam Valley Ranch, teams must learn how to perform a Native American traditional dance involving hoops. They would then meet the tribal chief of the village and would be given Native American garments and feathers. They would also be given a traditional Native American name, which they had to use to refer to each other for the remainder of the leg.
  • Teams would then have to perform two Native American hunting exercises. One team member would have to use a bow to shoot an arrow at a rolling target, and the other would have to throw a spear at a target thrown in the air. If teams run out of arrows or spears, they will have to perform a traditional dance before their supply would be replenished.
  • Next, teams would have to remove most of their clothing and had to enter a sweat lodge with temperatures near 40 °C (104 °F) and talk with the chief about the meaning of life They then had to rub dirt on their skin to blend with mother earth. Then, they had to submerge themselves in icy water ten times, which would give them "the answers to unanswered questions". Finally, they would return, once again to the sweat lodge to warm up.
  • For their final task at the Wigwam Valley Ranch, teams had to build a fire, and then completely build a teepee, using a completed one for reference. Teams would spend the night in these teepees.
  • Upon arrival at the Canyon Creek Ranch, teams had to dress up as cowboys/cowgirls and ride on horses through the desert to reach the ranch's corral. There, they would have to work together (on foot) to herd three young cows with the same matching bandana into a small enclosure.
  • After the second Detour, teams would be asked a series of three questions about the other competitors. They would use a real gun to shoot at targets representing their answers. If they answer incorrectly, they will be handcuffed and placed into jail, where they would serve a time penalty.
  • For their final task at the Canyon Creek Ranch, teams had to search the old west town for a horseshoe, which they could take with them to the Pit Stop just behind the church.

Leg 12 (United States → Taiwan)[edit]

Taipei's Confucius Temple was visited on this Leg of the Race.

Airdate: 29 August 2013

Additional tasks
  • At the Central Studio, teams had to sit on a swing set and sing the song "Muzika" (Music) by Svika Pick, while the swing set is descending into a tank full of water that snakes are poured into while the team members singing the song. They had to smile throughout their performance and sing all of the lyrics correctly.
  • In Sun Yat-sen Square, teams had to sell 12 glasses of fruit juice. One of the team members made the juice while the other drove the cart. After this task, they would receive a board with their next destination written in fruit pixel art (in Chinese). They had to deliver this board to the Confucius Temple.
  • After the teams sold the juice, they got a tray with a mosaic made out of vegetables cubes that had a clue which led them to Confucius Temple.
  • In Confucius Temple, one team member must practice Tai Chi by balancing a book on their head while on one foot. The other member must listen to a Chinese proverb over a pay phone, memorizing it without the use of notes. After hearing the phone call, the team member went to the other member, and quoted the sentence to them. Then, the team member who practiced Tai Chi went to a wise old man, and said the sentence his partner quoted. Only after saying the sentence correctly, the man gave them the next clue. Eventually, after enough failures, one team member must, instead of practicing Tai Chi, hold a plate of Stinky Tofu right up to their nose.
  • At Raohe Street Night Market, teams had to search for the next clue, which was a leaflet being handed out to them by a Taiwanese person in Hebrew which lead teams to Ximending.

Leg 13 (Taiwan)[edit]

Taipei's Grand Hotel served as the Finish Line for the third season of HaMerotz LaMillion.

Airdate: 31 August 2013

Additional tasks
  • Before beginning the final leg, teams would choose a paper lantern from a selection of colors, each representing a different virtue. After releasing it into the sky, the final leg would begin.
  • At Shifen waterfall, teams had to use a complex system to transport themselves across a tightrope. Both team members would lay on planks of wood, suspended on the tightropes, facing each other. They would hold on to a third piece of wood between them, and work together to push themselves across, grab a flag, then return to the start. If they fell off, they would have to begin again from the start.
  • At the Creative Park, teams had to convince two locals to trade their parasols for a bottle of sunscreen.
  • At Taipei Railway Station, teams had to convince 10 locals to dance with them to "Gangnam Style". The teams and the locals had to follow the moves of a dancing robot while the song played.
  • At the Yun Hsien Resort, teams participated in tasks inspired by Skyfall. They would ride a cable car halfway to the top of a mountain, where one team member had to climb up on top of it and retrieve a clue. They would then discover that the other team member would have to descend a perilous rope ladder below the cable car to retrieve a small satchel with a Taiwanese coin inside of it. After this, they would ride the cable car to the top of the mountain, where they could use the coin to operate a coin-game, which would give them their next clue.
  • The clue received from the coin-operated machine from earlier contained a Chinese proverb in Hebrew that encouraged generosity. Once at the night market, teams had to use this hint to figure out that they had to give some spare change to a busker playing a ukulele. In exchange, he would give them their final clue.


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