HaSharon Park

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HaSharon Park
HaSharon Park

HaSharon Park (פארק השרון) is an Israeli national park located alongside Highway 4 with the entrance to it going through the Hadera West Railway Station. The park consists of a large forest full of carob and Mount Tabor oak trees. It is bordered by the Alexander Stream National Park.

The park also consists of a remnant of the swamps which used to cover the whole region, prevented the cultivation of the land, and caused malaria disease. These swamps were dried out. The park contains of many eucalyptus trees which were planted there in the early twentieth century in order to dry out the swamps.

The park also has a beach which lined by eolianite hills. Part of it is suitable for bathing, and in other parts marine animals could be spotted. The sand of the park consists of typical desert plants.[dubious ]

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Coordinates: 32°25′52.3″N 34°53′44.1″E / 32.431194°N 34.895583°E / 32.431194; 34.895583