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Hagsätra is a quarter in Söderort, the southern part of Stockholm Municipality, Sweden. It borders with the quarters of Älvsjö, Örby and Rågsved in Stockholm, as well as Stuvsta in neighboring Huddinge Municipality. Hagsätra covers an area of 420 acres (1.7 km² or 0.66 mi2) and has a population of around 7,800.

This area previously belonged to Älvsjö gård manor, but was incorporated into the city of Stockholm in 1930, but it wasn't until 1957 Hagsätra started expanding with modern houses and architecture. Hagsätra has a marketplace known as Hagsätra torg. Hagsätra is the southern terminus on Line 19 of Stockholm's Metro system.

Coordinates: 59°15′46″N 18°00′45″E / 59.26278°N 18.01250°E / 59.26278; 18.01250