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Headquarters in Halmstad
Type Daily newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Mediebolaget Västkusten, MBVK
Editor-in-chief Viveka Hedbjörk
Founded 1850; 168 years ago (1850)
Political alignment Independent liberal
Language Swedish
Headquarters Halmstad, Sweden
Circulation 29,900 (2013)
Sister newspapers Hallands Nyheter
ISSN 1103-9361
Website Hallandsposten

Hallandsposten is a Swedish local morning newspaper printed in Halmstad, Sweden. It is the major newspaper of Halmstad, Hylte and Laholm municipalities

History and profile[edit]

Hallandsposten was established in 1850.[1] The first issue appeared on 30 July 1850.[2] The paper became daily in 1900, before that it was printed two times a week.

Hallandsposten is part of the Mediebolaget Västkusten, MBVK, which also owns Hallands Nyheter.[2] Hallandsposten was published in broadsheet format until 2007 when it switched to tabloid format.[3] The paper has an independent liberal leaning.[2]


The circulation of Hallandsposten was 32,200 copies in 1996.[1] It was 30,900 copies in 2010.[4] Next year the paper reached 120,000 readers.[2] The paper had a circulation of 29,100 copies in 2012 and 29,000 copies in 2013.[5]


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