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For information on the Hamilton East federal electoral district, see Hamilton East (electoral district).

Hamilton East is a former provincial electoral district in Ontario, Canada. It was represented in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1894 to 2007, when it was redistributed between the new ridings of Hamilton Centre and Hamilton East—Stoney Creek, it was originally created from the old riding of Hamilton, split in 1894 to create Hamilton East and Hamilton West.

It was considered a working class district.


This riding elected the first Co-operative Commonwealth Federation Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) to the Ontario legislature: Samuel Lawrence in the 1934 provincial election; the riding had previously elected Ontario's first ever provincial Labour MLA Allan Studholme in a 1906 by-election. Studholme remained in office until his death in 1919 when he was succeeded in by another Labour MLA, George Grant Halcrow (1919–1923).

It was last represented provincially by Andrea Horwath of the Ontario New Democratic Party. In the 2007 election, Horwath was reelected in the successor riding of Hamilton Centre.

Members of Provincial Parliament[edit]

Hamilton Centre
Assembly Years Member Party
Riding created from Hamilton
8th  1894–1898     James Taylor Middleton Liberal
9th  1898–1902     Henry Carscallen Conservative
10th  1902–1905
11th  1905–1906
 1906–1908     Allan Studholme Labour
12th  1908–1911
13th  1911–1914
14th  1914–1919
15th  1919–1923 George Grant Halcrow
16th  1923–1926     Leeming Carr Conservative
17th  1926–1928
 1928–1929 William Morrison
18th  1929–1934
19th  1934–1937     Samuel Lawrence Co-operative Commonwealth
20th  1937–1943     John P. MacKay Liberal
21st  1943–1945     William Herbert Connor Co-operative Commonwealth
22nd  1945–1948     Robert Ellsworth Elliott Progressive Conservative
23rd  1948–1951     John Lawrence Dowling Co-operative Commonwealth
24th  1951–1955     Robert Ellsworth Elliott Progressive Conservative
25th  1955–1959
26th  1959–1963     Norman Davison Co-operative Commonwealth
27th  1963–1967     New Democratic
28th  1967–1971 Reg Gisborn
29th  1971–1975
30th  1975–1977 Bob Mackenzie
31st  1977–1981
32nd  1981–1985
33rd  1985–1987
34th  1987–1990
35th  1990–1995
36th  1995–1999     Dominic Agostino Liberal
37th  1999–2003
38th  2003–2004
 2004–2007     Andrea Horwath New Democratic
Riding dissolved into Hamilton Centre and
Hamilton East—Stoney Creek

Election results[edit]

Hamilton East by-election, 2004
(Death of Dominic Agostino)
Party Candidate Votes % ±
New Democratic Andrea Horwath 15,185 63.6
Liberal Ralph Agostino 6,362 26.6
Progressive Conservative Tara Crugnale 1,772 7.4
Green Raymond Dartsch 448 1.9
Independent John Turmel 120 0.5
2003 Ontario general election
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Liberal Dominic Agostino 16,015 52.15 -1.58
New Democratic Bob Sutton 9,035 29.42 10.49
Progressive Conservative Sohail Bhatti 4,033 13.13 -9.13
Green Raymond Dartsch 563 1.83 +0.34
Communist Bob Mann 380 1.24 +0.38
Independent Kelly Greenaway 378 1.23
Family Coalition Michael Izzotti 304 0.99 -0.17
1999 Ontario general election
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Dominic Agostino 17,891 53.73
Progressive Conservative Pete Preston 7,414 22.26
New Democratic Bob Sutton 6,304 18.93
Green Jim Howlett 496 1.49
Family Coalition Edgar Breau 386 1.16
Communist Bob Mann 288 0.86
Independent Julie Gordon 263 0.79
Natural Law Laureen Amos 258 0.77

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