Hamilton Inlet

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Hamilton Inlet (Picture taken on the ferry between Cartwright and Happy Valley/Goose Bay)

Hamilton Inlet (Inuttitut: Aivitok, historically spelt "Ivucktoke ")[1] is a fjord-like inlet on the Labrador coast of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Together with Lake Melville, it forms the province's largest estuary, extending over 140 kilometres inland to Happy Valley-Goose Bay and primarily draining the Churchill River and Naskaupi River watersheds. Lake Melville is considered a part of Hamilton Inlet and extends west of the deep, narrow passage at the community of Rigolet.

In 1586, it was the scene of an Inuit attack on the expedition of John Davis which killed two and wounded others.[2]


Coordinates: 54°17′39″N 57°53′56″W / 54.29417°N 57.89889°W / 54.29417; -57.89889