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Hanbando (film)

Hanbando is a 2006 South Korean blockbuster film. The North and South Korean governments are on the verge of reopening the Kyungui Railroad, which connects the two Koreas, as a further step toward reunification. Japan refuses to accept the decision, claiming rights to the railway lines based on official documents imprinted with the imperial seal of Emperor Gojong of Joseon a century ago, yet an age old conspiracy is uncovered where the imperial seal with which Emperor Gojong signed the documents is suspected to be fake. It is a race against time and hidden agendas as the South Korean president employs the outspoken historian Choi Min-jae and the descendant of the Joseon royal bloodline Kim Yu-shik to find the authentic seal and prevent the history of Japanese occupation from repeating itself. In the meantime, Japanese economic sanctions divide the South Korean government, its armed forces appear on the border of South Korea threatening its sovereignty; the authentic royal seal is found and Japan apologizes for its occupation.

The JoongAng Ilbo gave the film a negative review, calling its plot far-fetched, the acting overdone, criticizing its heavy-handed nationalism. The review commented positively on the accuracy of scenes in which the South Korean prime minister deals with businessmen, on the "beautifully choreographed" though bloody depictions of historical events at the end of the Joseon Dynasty. According to the review, the conclusion of the film, in which Japan apologizes for its occupation of Korea, provides viewers with catharsis in a country in which anti-Japanese sentiment is still strong. Lee, Yong-sung. "'Hanbando' makes viewers feel uneasy". Korea Herald. Archived from the original on 2006-06-29. Retrieved 2008-03-07. Hanbando on IMDb Review at

Joe (given name)

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Network Information Service

The Network Information Service, or NIS, is a client–server directory service protocol for distributing system configuration data such as user and host names between computers on a computer network. Sun Microsystems developed the NIS; because British Telecom PLC owned the name "Yellow Pages" as a registered trademark in the United Kingdom for its paper-based, commercial telephone directory, Sun changed the name of its system to NIS, though all the commands and functions still start with "yp". A NIS/YP system maintains and distributes a central directory of user and group information, hostnames, e-mail aliases and other text-based tables of information in a computer network. For example, in a common UNIX environment, the list of users for identification is placed in /etc/passwd, secret authentication hashes in /etc/shadow. NIS adds another "global" user list, used for identifying users on any client of the NIS domain. Administrators have the ability to configure NIS to serve password data to outside processes to authenticate users using various versions of the Unix crypt hash algorithms.

However, in such cases, any NIS client can retrieve the entire password database for offline inspection. Kerberos was designed to handle authentication in a more secure manner; the original NIS design was seen to have inherent limitations in the areas of scalability and security, so other technologies have come to replace it. Sun introduced NIS+ as part of Solaris 2 in 1992, with the intention for it to supersede NIS. NIS+ features much stronger security and authentication features, as well as a hierarchical design intended to provide greater scalability and flexibility. However, it was more cumbersome to set up and administer, was more difficult to integrate into an existing NIS environment than many existing users wished. NIS+ has been removed from Solaris 11; as a result, many users chose to stick with NIS, over time other modern and secure distributed directory systems, most notably Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, came to replace it. For example, slapd runs as a non-root user, SASL-based encryption of LDAP traffic is natively supported.

On large LANs, DNS servers may provide better nameserver functionality than NIS or LDAP can provide, leaving just site-wide identification information for NIS master and slave systems to serve. However, some functions‍—‌such as the distribution of netmask information to clients, as well as the maintenance of e-mail aliases‍—‌may still be performed by NIS or LDAP. NIS maintains an NFS database information file as well as so called maps. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Hesiod Name Service Switch Network information system, for a broader use of NIS to manage other system and networks Thorsten Kukuk. "The Linux NIS/NYS/NIS+ HOWTO". Linux Documentation Project. Van Emery. "Distributed Authentication System Handbook". Archived from the original on 2006-07-15. Kristy Westphal. "NFS and NIS Security". Symantec. "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6: 2.2.3. Securing NIS". Red Hat. Frédéric Raynal. "Yellow Pages, part 1". Ibiblio. Resources on how to replace NIS can be found at the NIS Migration Resource Site

Thomas & Friends (series 12)

Thomas & Friends is a children's television series about the engines and other characters working on the railways of the Island of Sodor, is based on The Railway Series books written by the Rev. W. Awdry; this article lists and details episodes from the twelfth series of the show, first broadcast in 2008. This series was planned to be narrated by Pierce Brosnan, replacing Michael Angelis and Michael Brandon for the UK and US narrations starting with The Great Discovery, respectively. However, Brosnan withdrew from the series for unknown reasons, the series was released with Angelis narrating the UK releases and Brandon narrating the US releases. Most episodes in this series have two titles: the titles from the UK broadcasts are shown on top, while the American-adapted titles are shown underneath; this was the last season of the use of the live-action model animation to the show before switching over to full CGI in 2009, starting with Hero of the Rails. Series 12 marked the beginning of the show's transition into CGI.

Characters' faces were animated through CGI with the aid of motion capture animation. The physical models' molded faces were replaced by white targets with triangles to fix a computer-animated face in post-production. Static models of people and animals were replaced with 3D animations by using small, metal sticks with colored points on each end; the animation was provided by Nitrogen Studios, the studio contracted for future full-CGI episodes. This change marked the movement of production of the show from the United Kingdom to Canada, although the model scenes were still filmed at Shepperton Studios; this was the last series where Ed Welch provided the music, while Robert Hartshorne continues to compose the music afterwards until he was took over by Chris Renshaw in Thomas & Friends in 4-D: Bubbling Boilers. HiT Entertainment's Senior Vice-President of Production and Programming, Christopher Skala, stated that the change, aside from budgetary reasons, was intended to convey more emotion and flexibility through the stories.

Skala claimed that, of his focus group those who felt that Thomas, as an institution, should not be changed in this way responded positively to the demonstration of the new animation techniques. Closed captioning for the 30-minute version of the show was produced by CaptionMax

Sue Huff

Sue Huff is a politician from Alberta, Canada. She was the acting leader of the Alberta Party from November 23, 2010 to May 28, 2011, she served as an elected public school trustee for the city of Edmonton from 2007 to 2010. Huff ran for a seat as a trustee to the Edmonton Public School Board in Ward C, she defeated incumbent Don Williams in a two-way race taking over 60% of the popular vote. She did not seek re-election. Huff was appointed as interim leader of the Alberta Party on November 23, 2010, replacing Edwin Erickson who had announced his resignation at the October 2010 annual general meeting, she served as leader until the party's leadership convention on May 2011 in Edmonton. Following the convention, Huff returned to her position as a director on the provincial board and sought the nomination to run as the Alberta Party candidate in her home constituency of Edmonton-Glenora. In June 2011, Huff was nominated the Alberta Party candidate for Edmonton Glenora. In September 2011, Huff left her position on the board to focus on her campaign.

She received 8.97% of the vote in Edmonton-Glenora in the 2012 provincial election. Alberta Party Sue Huff for Edmonton Glenora

Secrets of the Stars

Secrets of the Stars is a story of The Sarah Jane Adventures, broadcast on CBBC in 2-parts on 20 and 27 October 2008. It is the third serial of the second series; the scene opens up on a woman, visiting an astrologer to see her future in the stars. The man is a con artist, deceiving his customers to get money out of them, to which he admits this Cheryl, visiting him when she reveals that she is using her mortgage money to pay, he walks to the window where a shooting star is heading for his house, he is possessed by an unknown being in front of the woman, proceeds to possess her. Luke and Rani are visiting an exhibition with the freaky astrologer, Martin Trueman, as the event is free. Rani's parents and Gita, Sarah Jane show up and each person fills in a card with their birthday and star signs on it and hand it to Cheryl, now working with the astrologer. Luke is upset given that he does not have a star sign as he was never born, but activated; the show starts and Trueman begins to ask random dates and three people including Clyde stand up, as this is their birthday, although Clyde is unsure why he stood up.

Sarah Jane tells him it is a trick of persuasion and she is skeptical about the entire show. Next, he asks for a person and begins to tell truths about her life, as the woman herself is shocked but enjoying the show. Sarah Jane tells Luke and Rani that the woman was a plant and that Trueman knew her. Next, Trueman calls on Rani, starts detailing that she has moved house and gives few details about her family. Rani is amazed but not suspicious. Next, he calls on Sarah Jane, begins detailing her travels with The Doctor in front of the audience, nobody but Sarah Jane and Clyde, Rani, could know of these stories and Sarah Jane is suspicious. Trueman predicts her downfall. On the way home, Clyde encounters Trueman, who hypnotizes him to walk to his house and hypnotizes him to become his slave. In his trance, Clyde seems to gain a new sense of purpose and direction and sets off to meet Sarah Jane and Luke back at Bannerman Road. Where he threatens to kill them, while Mr Smith stands idly and insists that "nothing is happening".

Clyde's hand glows with lethal energy and he points it at Sarah Jane, declaring that she must be destroyed. Clyde threatens Sarah Jane but they manage to talk him out of it, which leads Sarah Jane to believe that Trueman's control on people can be repressed by persuading them to do something that they do not want to do. Meanwhile, using in his broadcast to the world, Trueman takes over each star sign one by one, starting with Gemini - including Rani's mother, Gita; the world is in confusion as people are accepting the "Ancient Lights". Sarah Jane and her companions head to the New Theatre in East Acton to stop the broadcast, but the possessed Children of Gemini threaten to stop them. Clyde bluffs his way through by making up horoscopes; the Ancient Lights create a portal through to the theatre. Trueman reveals. Trueman insinuates; the Ancient Lights survived the Big Bang and needed Trueman to rule the world because, he was the "Chosen One". Sarah Jane tries to talk him out to no avail. Rani and Luke try to shut down the broadcast by flicking the mains switch off, but it is protected by the Ancient Lights' energy.

Rani is an Aries and becomes possessed, leaving only people with the star sign of Taurus, which includes Sarah Jane and Clyde, not under Trueman's control. However Luke, not born and so does not have a star-sign, realises he can stop the power of the Ancient Lights by breaking Trueman's circle. Realising that he has been beaten, Trueman cannot bear to return to his former life and instead chooses to become one with the stars, disappearing in a trail of golden dust. In the aftermath, the unaware Earth authorities begin a search for Trueman, Sarah Jane declares the date will be Luke's equivalent to a birthday. "Part One" features a flashback of David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor using broadcast clips from "School Reunion" and "Journey's End". Sarah Jane mentions that she knows "what it's like to be taken over", she had been possessed in Planet of the Spiders, The Masque of Mandragora and The Hand of Fear. The idea of godlike entities from the universe before our own, deriving their powers from alien laws of physics which no longer apply, is a nod to Virgin Publishing's Doctor Who New Adventures range, for which scriptwriter Gareth Roberts wrote three novels.

The Draconians are mentioned in "Part One". They featured in the Doctor. Clyde mentions Luke nearly bringing the moon crashing down on Earth in The Lost Boy. Sarah Jane speculates that Martin uses a device first seen in The Runaway Bride. Russ Abbot enjoyed his part as the villain; the official BBC The Sarah Jane Adventures website Press Pack information regarding Secrets of the Stars at the BBC Press Office website "Secrets of the Stars" on IMDb