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Hang Li Po (Chinese: 漢麗寶; pinyin: Hàn Lìbǎo, or Wang Lìbǎo) was the fifth wife of Malaccan Sultan Mansur Shah (reigned 1456-1477). She was bestowed with the Title Hang by the Sultan for her adoption of Malay Customs. She was supposedly given by Ming China, but it is disputed whether Hang Li Po ever existed since she was never recorded in Ming dynasty records. However, there are records of Malaccan ambassadors to China.[1]

Her vast entourage was recorded to be 500 followers and Sultan Mansur Shah provide a hill as their settlement, now known as Bukit Cina,[2] as a gift to his new Chinese bride, Princess Hang Li Po, in the mid-15th century.[3] Now, there are more than 12,000 graves in the cemetery and the oldest dates back to 1622.[4]

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