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Hanne Blank
Hanne Blank, by Hanne Blank
Hanne Blank, by Hanne Blank
Born (1969-02-25) February 25, 1969 (age 49)
Northampton, Massachusetts, U.S.
Occupation historian, writer, editor, public speaker, activist
Nationality United States of America
Period contemporary
Genre speculative fiction (short stories), non-fiction & fiction (books)
Subject history of science, history of medicine, virginity, sexuality

Hanne Blank (February 25, 1969) Born in Northampton, Massachusetts, U.S., Hanne Blank is a historian, writer, editor and public speaker. She has also edited and written erotica but is retired from that genre.[1] Blank believes in civil rights in general and fat rights in particular. She says: "For me, as a progressive feminist, opposing the whole range of physical-body-based prejudices and stigmas is all of a piece. Fatness and fat rights happen to be two of my personal issues, so it's a topic I can speak to from the inside. But fat politics are not separate from my overall politics of inclusion and human value."[2]


Hanne Blank grew up in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area, became a classically trained musician and then a formally educated historian.[3] As an independent scholar, her most recent post was as the 2004-2005 Scholar of the Institute For Teaching and Research on Women at Towson University, Maryland.[4]

Ms. Blank is a former co-editor of Scarletletters.com[5] (online "publisher of sex-positive, original, visionary creative and artistic work of all kinds") and Scarleteen.com[6] with Heather Corinna.[7] She is a former associate editor of Sojourner: The Women's Forum, and has also written sex columns for The Boston Phoenix and Good Vibes Magazine.[7]

As an instructor (prior to becoming a full-time writer/editor), she taught at the university level at Brandeis University, Tufts University and Whitworth College.[7] As a musician, she was a Fellow of the Boston University Tanglewood Institute and was the 1991 recipient of the George Whitefield Chadwick medal for work as a proponent of contemporary art music.[7]

Her most recent book, the first revision of her 2000 title Big Big Love: A Sex and Relationships Guide for People of Size (and Those Who Love Them), was published by Celestial Arts in September, 2011.

Blank has recently accepted a teaching position at Denison University in Granville, OH.



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  • 2004-2005 Scholar of the Institute For Teaching and Research on Women at Towson University, Maryland.

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