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The Nordstadt (North City) is the university quarter in the German city of Hanover.

It was originally characterized by small factories and a big railway freightyard closed in 1996. During World War II large parts of the district were destroyed. Today, due to the university and cultural clubs, this district is a preferred residential area for students and people of immigrant background. An almost village-like atmosphere exists around the Luther Church (see photo) where a lot of pubs and small shops resides. Many alternative project groups have settled here and also numerous communes live in these houses; the disbanded factory area of the former "Sprengel Chocolate Factory" created a lot of newspaper headlines during the late eighties and early nineties because it was occupied by young people, most of them punks. Here is where the "famous" annual riots called "Chaostage" took place, every first weekend in August.

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Coordinates: 52°24′38″N 9°43′14″E / 52.41056°N 9.72056°E / 52.41056; 9.72056