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Hans Huyssing or Hans Hysing (1678–1752 or 1753)[1] was a Swedish-born portrait-painter. He left Stockholm and went to England in 1700 as assistant to his fellow Swede Michael Dahl, the portrait-painter, with whom he lived for many years.[2]

Arthur Onslow - Speaker of the House of Commons by Hysing

He succeeded after Dahl's death to his practice, and adopted his manner. He was patronised by the family of George II, and painted the queen, the three royal princesses, and George III as a boy. Many of his portraits, including Sir Robert Walpole, the speaker Arthur Onslow, Dr. John Theophilus Desaguliers, James Gibbs (the architect), were engraved in mezzotint by John Faber (1695–1756), and others. George Vertue describes portraits by him of the French engraver Joseph Goupy as 'well painted, much in Mr. Dahl's later manner.'