Haoliners Animation League

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Haoliners Animation League
Industry Animation
Founded 2013; 5 years ago (2013)
Headquarters Shanghai, China
Owner Shanghai Yarun Culture Communications Co., Ltd
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 繪夢者新動畫聯盟
Simplified Chinese 绘梦者新动画联盟
Hanyu Pinyin Huìmèngzhě Xīn Dònghuà Liánméng
Japanese name
Kanji 絵梦アニメーション
Romanization Emon Animēshon
Website www.haoliners.net/en/index.html

Haoliners Animation League is a Chinese animation company based in Shanghai and established in 2013.[1][2] Its subsidiary Animation Company Emon operates in Japan[3] and South Korea.

Animation directors[edit]

  • Li Haoling
  • Wang Xin
  • Chen Ye
  • Dong Yi


Emon Animation Company[edit]


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