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Leonard Pine and Hap Collins
Hap and Leonard poster.png
Promotional poster for the TV Series adapted from the books
First appearance Savage Season
Created by Joe R. Lansdale
Portrayed by James Purefoy (Hap)
Michael K. Williams (Leonard)
Gender Male
Occupation Private investigators
Nationality American

Hap and Leonard are two fictional amateur investigators and adventurers portrayed by American author Joe R. Lansdale.[1] They are the main characters in a series of ten novels, three novellas, and three collections of stories and excerpts. They are two very different men and the best of friends, and now work together as private investigators for Hap's girlfriend Brett Sawyer. Together they always wind up in a lot of trouble with various criminal types in the fictional town of LaBorde, in East Texas and often find themselves attempting to solve various unpleasant and brutal crimes. Both men are well versed in the martial arts.[2][3][4][5] The novels were adapted into a 2016–18 TV series, produced by SundanceTV.

Hap Collins[edit]

Hap Collins is a white working class laborer who spent time in federal prison as a young man for refusing to be drafted into the military and serve in the Vietnam War. In his late forties, he is often haunted by the various unpleasant jobs he's held over the years such as working at an aluminum chair factory and working the East Texas rose fields. Hap tries his best to avoid violence and also tries his best to avoid the taking of another human life. Often lovesick, most of his relationships haven't worked out. He is currently with his on-again-off-again girlfriend Brett Sawyer. Some of his past has been taken from Mr. Lansdale's own past. The stories are told from Hap's narrative point of view. Not as quick to anger as Leonard, he often finds himself attempting to talk Leonard out of committing serious violence.

Leonard Pine[edit]

Leonard Pine is a gay, black Vietnam vet with serious anger issues. He was raised by his uncle who shunned him after learning he was gay. However, when his uncle passes away, he leaves his house and all his assets to Leonard. Leonard has zero tolerance for racist or anti-gay slurs. Although Hap dislikes guns, Leonard has no problem carrying or using them. Quick to anger, at times he cannot understand Hap's aversion to violence or killing if necessary, even when provoked. His relationships are also short and tempestuous. Leonard is the much more aggressive of the two and repeatedly burned down a local crack house that used to be his new next door neighbor. After living with Hap and Brett for a while, he recently moved into his own place.[6] Much to Hap's dismay, Leonard has a habit of wearing ugly hats.

Television adaptation[edit]

Film duo Nick Damici and Jim Mickle have developed a Hap and Leonard crime and suspense TV series for SundanceTV.[7] On November 10, 2014, Sundance green-lit the series for six one-hour episodes, which filmed in 2015 and premiered on March 2, 2016.[8][9]At the end of June SundanceTV renewed a second six episode season based on the second novel Mucho Mojo.[10] On May 14, 2018, SundanceTV announced they had cancelled the series after three seasons.[11][12][13]

List of works featuring Hap and Leonard[edit]

  1. Savage Season [14] (1990)
  2. Mucho Mojo [15] (1994)
  3. The Two-Bear Mambo [16] (1995)
  4. Bad Chili [17] (1997)
  5. Rumble Tumble [18] (1998)
  6. Veil's Visit: a Taste of Hap and Leonard (1999) (short stories and excerpts written with Andrew Vachss) [19]
  7. Captains Outrageous [20] (2001)
  8. Vanilla Ride [21] (2009)
  9. Devil Red [22] (2011)
  10. Hyenas: a Hap and Leonard Novella [23] (2011, novella)
  11. Dead Aim (novella)[24] (2013)
  12. Honky Tonk Samurai (2016)[25]
  13. Briar Patch Boogie (2016, novellette)
  14. Hap and Leonard (2016, short story collection)
  15. Hap and Leonard Ride Again (2016, short story collection)
  16. Coco Butternut: A Hap and Leonard Novella (2017, novella)
  17. Rusty Puppy (2017)[26]
  18. Cold Cotton (2017, novella)
  19. Hoodoo Harry (2017, novella)[27]
  20. Hap and Leonard: Blood and Lemonade (2017, Mosaic novel)[28]
  21. Jackrabbit Smile (2018)

Graphic novels[edit]

A series of graphic novels were announced, to be published in 2015, but the dates have been tentatively pushed up to 2017.[29]Lansdale is also busy on other Hap and Leonard projects that will be announced at a later date.


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