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Happy 14½
Happy 14½.jpg
EP by
ProducerKramer, King Missile

Happy 14½ is an EP by avant-garde band King Missile. It was released in 1992, shortly before the band's album Happy Hour. The EP was intended for promotional use only, and not supposed to be sold; nonetheless, copies are sometimes available in "used" sections of record stores because some people who received the EP sold it anyway.[1]

Just as Happy Hour is approximately one hour long, Happy 14½ is approximately 14½ minutes in length.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics by John S. Hall (except "All Things Everywhere," by Chris Xefos).

  1. "Martin Scorsese (PG-13)" (Hall, Roger Murdock, Dave Rick, Xefos) – 2:48
    • This track is the "clean" version of "Martin Scorsese" from Happy Hour. In the "PG-13" version, Hall omits the original's thirteen instances of the expletive fuck but does not edit the original's violent content.
  2. "Detachable Penis" (Hall, Murdock, Rick, Xefos) – 3:21
    • This track also appears on Happy Hour.
  3. "Nietzsche Sneezes" (Hall, Murdock, Rick, Xefos) – 3:27
  4. "All Things Everywhere" (Xefos) – 2:47
    • These two tracks appear exclusively on this release.
  5. "The Bunny Song" [live] (Dogbowl, Hall) – 1:57
    • The studio version of this track appears on the 1988 album They.



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