Haradok District

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Haradok District
Гарадоцкі раён
Coat of arms of Haradok District
Coat of arms
Location of Haradok District
Coordinates: 55°28′N 29°59′E / 55.467°N 29.983°E / 55.467; 29.983Coordinates: 55°28′N 29°59′E / 55.467°N 29.983°E / 55.467; 29.983
Country Flag of Belarus.svg Belarus
Region Flag of Vitsebsk Voblasts.svg Vitebsk Region
 • Total 2,980.13 km2 (1,150.63 sq mi)
Elevation 193 m (633 ft)
Population (2016)
 • Total 22,932
 • Density 7.7/km2 (20/sq mi)

Haradok District is a district (raion) in Vitebsk Region, Belarus.[1]

The largest lakes of the district are Yezyaryscha Lake (the thirteenth largest in Belarus) and Losvida Lake (the eighteenth largest in Belarus).[2]


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