Harald Astrup (born 1831)

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Harald Astrup
Henning Astrup
Born (1831-05-12)12 May 1831
Larvik, Norway
Died 1914 (aged 82–83)
Nationality Norwegian
Occupation Wholesaler
Children Henning Astrup (1864–1896)
Eivind Astrup (1871–1895)
Sigurd Astrup [1873–1949)
Thorvald Astrup (1876–1940)
Relatives Peter Andreas Morell (son-in-law)

Harald Astrup (Norwegian: [ˈhɑːrɑl ˈɑstrʉp]; 12 May 1831 – 1914) was a Norwegian businessman, wholesaler, and city official. [1]


Harald Henningsen Astrup was born at Larvik in Vestfold to Henning Martin Astrup (1788–1845) and his wife Maren Dorthea Lorbauer (1791–1885).

Astrup later settled in Christiania (now Oslo) where he received a trade education with merchant H. F. Løkke. In 1857 he established the firm of Astrup & Smith (now Astrup AS) together with Carl Dührendahl Smith (1834–66), who was the wife's brother. The firm initially manufactured clothing. In 1865, the firm moved into the wholesale business. By 1868, the business concentrated on supplies for the shipbuilding industry later to be expanded to supplying steam ships and railway. In 1906 his son Sigurd Astrup joined the firm as co-owner and became sole owner in 1914.[2]

From 1874 to 1877 he served as Christiania city councilman (stadshauptmann) with responsibility for the city's civilian defense. Astrup was decorated Knight of the Swedish Order of Vasa.[3][4]

Personal life[edit]

In 1861, he married Johanne Emilie Smith Emilie Johanne Smith (1836–1915).[3] Their daughter Hanna (1869–1933) was married to politician Peter Andreas Morell.[5] They were also the parents of architects Henning Astrup (1864–1896) and Thorvald Astrup (1876–1940), Arctic explorer Eivind Astrup (1871–1895) and member of Parliament Sigurd Astrup (1873–1949).[6]


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