Hard Merchandise

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Hard Merchandise
Bountyhunterwars hardmerchandise.jpg
Author K. W. Jeter
Country United States
Language English
Series The Bounty Hunter Wars
Canon C
Subject Star Wars
Genre Science fiction
Publisher Bantam Spectra
Publication date
July 1, 1999
Media type Paperback
Pages 368
ISBN 0-553-57891-X
Preceded by Slave Ship
Followed by Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Hard Merchandise is the final book in The Bounty Hunter Wars trilogy of books in the Universe. It was written by K. W. Jeter.


When Boba Fett stumbles across evidence implicating Prince Xizor in the murder of Luke Skywalker's aunt and uncle, Fett makes himself an enemy even he fears: the unknown mastermind behind a monstrous deception, who will kill to hide his tracks. And since Xizor's hidden enemies are almost as legion as Fett's, the chance of survival are slim—even for someone as skilled and relentless as Boba Fett.

Dramatis personae[edit]

  • Ott Klemp
  • Palpatine (Mentioned only)
  • Salla C'airman
  • Trhin Voss'on't (Flashback only)
  • Wonn Uzalg
  • Wuher
  • Xizor (Flashback only)
  • Zuckuss

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