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Harold Enlow began woodcarving in the 1960s while stationed in Okinawa, Japan. He has become one of America's leading wood carvers, he is a member of Caricature Carvers of America.

Published works[edit]

  1. Carving Figure Caricatures in the Ozark Style, Harold L. Enlow, 1975 ISBN 0-486-23151-8
  2. How to Carve Faces In Driftwood, Harold L. Enlow, 1978 ISBN 1-882475-01-1
  3. Learn To Carve Faces & Expressions, Harold L. Enlow, 1980 ISBN 1-882475-03-8
  4. Let's Carve Wooden Plaques, Harold L. Enlow, 1977 ISBN 1-882475-00-3
  5. "Carve Your Own Hillbillkins," Little People of the Ozarks, Harold L. Enlow, 1979
  6. Carving Western Figures, Harold L. Enlow, 1984
  7. How to Carve Folk Figures and a Cigar-store Indian, Harold L. Enlow, 1979 ISBN 0-486-23748-6
  8. How to Carve Hobos, Harold L. Enlow, 1989

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