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James Harold Wilson, Baron Wilson of Rievaulx, KG, OBE, FRS, PC (11 March 1916 – 24 May 1995) was one of the most prominent British politicians of the 20th century.

There is an extensive bibliography on Harold Wilson. He is the author of a number of books. He is the subject of many biographies (both light and serious) and academic analyses of his career and various aspects of the policies pursued by the governments he has led. He features in many "humorous" books. He was the Prime Minister in the so-called "Swinging London" era of the 1960s, and therefore features in many of the books about this period of history.

Principal books by Harold Wilson[edit]

In addition, several speeches and articles by Wilson are listed in the COPAC catalogue.

Selected titles about Harold Wilson[edit]


Memoirs of his staff[edit]

Analysis of his political philosophies[edit]

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Domestic policies[edit]

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Foreign policies[edit]

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Swinging London[edit]