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Harry Short (baseball)

Harry H. Short was a minor league baseball player and manager, he played on two Texas League championship Austin Senators teams, led the league in stolen bases in 1907 with 78. Short grew up in Kansas. Harry Short played shortstop on the college team. After subsequently playing on semi-professional teams in Concordia, where he became known for his strong fielding and speed, he entered minor league baseball in 1904 with a team in New Bern, North Carolina. In 1905 he played for the Minneapolis Minnies of the Kansas State League. In 1906, he was recruited by, played third base for, the Austin Senators, who were part of the South Texas League that year; the 1906 Senators won their league championship by default when the Houston Buffaloes refused to stop using non-league players. He remained with the Senators in 1907, a year in which he led the league in stolen bases with 78 and won another league championship. During 1907, the Senators would post one of the most lopsided victories in baseball history, by defeating the San Antonio Bronchos in the second game of a doubleheader 44-0.

During this game, Short scored seven runs on five hits, stole four bases and hit a double and a triple. He was referred to in articles as "one of the fastest baserunners and best base-stealers in Texas", was a fan-favorite that year to take over managing the Senators team. Short played again for Austin in 1908 began 1909 with the Houston Buffaloes before being traded to the Waco Navigators for Hub Northen. In 1910, he left the Texas League for the Central Kansas League, where he became player-manager of the Concordia Travelers; the Travelers won league championships in 1910 and 1911, during the latter season, the Travelers and Short were accused by the Clay Center Cubs of "throwing games" to the Junction City Soldiers, hotly debated in opposing newspapers columns in both towns. After the Central Kansas League folded, he continued to play for local Kansas teams until at least 1915. During his early career as a player-manager, Short's teams were referred to as "Short's Boosters" or "Short's Travelers".

In his first two managing seasons, he played with and coached Chick Smith and the Travelers won their league championship. After the South Kansas League folded, Short went on to manage and play for a number of other teams for other baseball leagues throughout Kansas

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1518

United Nations Security Council resolution 1518, adopted unanimously on 24 November 2003, after reaffirming previous resolutions on Iraq 1483, the Council established a Committee to investigate financial assets removed from the country by persons connected to Saddam Hussein. The Security Council recalled the decision to dissolve the Committee established by Resolution 661 and for all states to implement obligations under Resolution 1483, it determined that the situation in Iraq, although improved, continued to constitute a threat to international peace and security. Acting under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, the Council established a Committee of the Security Council to update lists from the previous Committee concerning individuals or entities connected to Saddam Hussein with immediate effect. Iraqi assets located abroad would be transferred to an account established by the Coalition Provisional Authority; the mandate of the new Committee would be reviewed, expanded to include monitoring compliance with an arms embargo against Iraq, other than weapons and ammunition destined for use by the Coalition Provisional Authority.

The French, German and Russian representatives had requested that the Committee monitor the arms embargo against Iraq, though this was not included in the final draft of the resolution. In its absence, the French representative requested that monitoring be conducted by the Security Council. Iraq War List of United Nations Security Council Resolutions 1501 to 1600 Works related to United Nations Security Council Resolution 1518 at Wikisource Text of the Resolution at

Doom (EP)

Doom is an EP and the debut release by Arizonan death metal group Job for a Cowboy. It was released in 2005 through the independent Arizona label King of the Monsters, reissued in 2006 by Metal Blade Records; the EP is noted for being Job for a Cowboy's only deathcore release, as the band would abandon the genre in favor for a pure death metal sound proceeding this release. This is the only release to feature guitarist Andrew Arcurio; this EP was released on December 2005 through the King of the Monsters label. It was re-released on major record label, Metal Blade Records in 2006; the intro track. A music video was created for the song "Entombment of a Machine" in which an elderly man is shown burying machines into the ground along with clips in between of the band performing in a desert-like atmosphere, it debuted as the band's first music video and was directed by Richie Valdez. This is the only Job for a Cowboy release to feature their notorious "pig squeal" vocals. Despite the EP's overall popularity, the release garnered mixed to negative reception from critics.

Much of the reviewers did however make note of the band being at the forefront of the deathcore genre, which at the time was taking off in great numbers. Allmusic reviewer Cosmo Lee stated: "Doom is competent, but trades in sounds, not songs." In which Lee was referring to the fact, that Job for a Cowboy has changed their musical style with their follow-up release Genesis, a purist death metal-sound oriented album, Lee ended the review stating: "Almost overnight, hordes of MySpace copycats sprang up lifting the band's logo font. This is where it all started - or ended, depending on your perspective."Reviewer Kobak of Tiny Mix Tapes noted "Job for a Cowboy are talented musicians. Their songs go through many tempo changes, ranging from the standard cruising metal yelp to the double-bass-drum, full-on Speedy Gonzales thrash; the problem lies in their reliance on well-worn metal clichés." The track "Knee Deep" was central to a popular YouTube video in which the track was synchronized to a clip of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Band Geeks".

The clip features various members of the SpongeBob SquarePants cast playing instruments along with "Knee Deep" overlaid to it. All tracks are written by Job for a Cowboy. Doom at Dark Lyrics Entombment of a Machine Video on YouTube


WTXR is a radio station on 89.7 FM in Toccoa Falls, United States. The station is owned by Radio Training Network of Greenville, South Carolina, is part of its His Radio Praise network carrying a contemporary worship music format. Prior to being owned by RTN, WTXR was the student-run campus radio station of Toccoa Falls College. Toccoa Falls College filed for a construction permit for a new FM radio station on July 13, 1995. WTXR was licensed as WDPA, on September 16, 1997, before changing call letters in November; the radio station played predominantly Christian rock and Contemporary Christian music but featured various specialty shows. It was a companion to sister WRAF, run by the college; as time went on, students moved the station in a Christian rock direction as "The Eagle", helping give it a distinct identity from WRAF. WTXR, along with sister stations WEPC, WPFJ, WRAF, translators W221AZ and W265AZ, were purchased by Radio Training Network, Inc. effective July 25, 2016 for $2.1 million.

Query the FCC's FM station database for WTXR Radio-Locator information on WTXR Query Nielsen Audio's FM station database for WTXR

Morris Library (SIUC)

Morris Library is the main academic library on the campus of Southern Illinois University Carbondale, in Carbondale, Illinois. Named for Delyte W. Morris who served as President of Southern Illinois University from 1948 to 1970; the library holds more than 4 million volumes, 53,000 current periodicals and serials, over 3.6 million microform units. Morris Library provides access to the statewide automated library system and to an array of electronic sources; these figures make Morris Library among the top 50 largest research libraries in the United States. Library users have access to I-Share and to a comprehensive array of databases and other electronic data files; as the campus center for access to academic information and collaborative academic technology projects, Morris Library provides a wide range of services, including reference assistance and technical support, distance learning, geographic information systems, multimedia courseware development. Morris Library is a member of the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois, Association of Research Libraries, the Greater Western Library Alliance.

Delyte's, a new coffee shop named after former SIU President Delyte W. Morris operates near the entrance of the library; the library occupies 8 floor. The library underwent a $60 Million dollar renovation beginning in January 2006, final completion in 2014. Association of Research Libraries Coalition for Networked Information Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois Council of Directors of State University Libraries of Illinois Council on Library and Information Resources Greater Western Library Alliance Online Computer Library Center Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition

1916–17 FC Basel season

The FC Basel 1916–17 season was their twenty-fourth season since the clubs foundation on 15 November 1893. The club's chairman was Franz Rinderer. FC Basel played their home games in the Landhof in the district Wettstein in Kleinbasel. Basel played. 12 of these were in the domestic league and 16 were friendly matches. Of these friendlies eight were won, three were drawn and five ended in a defeat. There were three home fixtures played in the Landhof and 13 away games. Four of these games were played in the Basel championship against the two other local teams Old Boys and Nordstern Basel. Due to the early date of the season the three teams decided to play the return matches of the Championship all on one day as a tournament and played shortened games, both halves each in 30 minutes. FC Basel won the Championship; the domestic league, Swiss Serie A 1916–17, was divided into three regional groups, East and West. Basel and the two other Basel teams were allocated to the Central group; the other teams playing in the Central group were Young Boys Bern, Biel-Bienne and Aarau.

Basel played a good season. They ended the season in second position with 15 points. In their 12 games Basel scored 31 goals and conceded 20. Karl Wüthrich was the teams best goal scorer; the Young Boys continued to the finals. Here they played against VFC Winterthur-Veltheim. Winterthur won the championship in the Finals. Squad membersNote: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality. Legend Win Draw Loss Postponed History of FC Basel List of FC Basel players List of FC Basel seasons Rotblau: Jahrbuch Saison 2014/2015. Publisher: FC Basel Marketing AG. ISBN 978-3-7245-2027-6 Die ersten 125 Jahre. Publisher: Josef Zindel im Friedrich Reinhardt Verlag, Basel. ISBN 978-3-7245-2305-5 FCB team 1916–17 at Switzerland 1916-17 at RSSSF FC Basel official site