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Hassad is a 2019 Pakistani family drama television series produced by Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi under Big Bang Entertainment, it stars Arij Fatyma and Noor Hassan. The show aired every Monday evening on ARY Digital. Naintara is married to Armaan. Both live and love each other immensely. However, their love for each other seems to face extreme jealousy and evil eye from Zareen who despises the idea of another couple's happiness, as she and Farhan. One day, on the account of their anniversary, robbers attack their house. Armaan dies in the encounter with the robbers and from thereon, begins Naintara's suffering. Zareen tries everything in her power to make her life miserable when she learns that Naintara is pregnant with Armaan's child, she tries her best in several ways to trap Naintara but Farhan soon realizes everything Zareen has been doing to Naintara. Naintara is found to be pregnant with a boy, several months her boy - Arsalan is born. Farhan's mother advises him to marry Naintara to save her from the backbiting and gossip in their neighborhood.

Naintara and Farhan get married, sparking Zareen's anger and jealousy more. Minal Khan as Naintara Arij Fatyma as Zareen aka Zari Noor Hassan as Farhan.

Whau Valley

Whau Valley is a suburb of Whangarei, in Northland Region, New Zealand. State Highway 1 runs through it; the valley was named for the whau trees. According to the 2013 New Zealand census, Whau Valley has a population of 2,361, a decrease of 114 people since the 2006 census. There were 1,272 females. Figures may not add up to totals. At the end of the 4 km long Whau Valley Road is the principal water reservoir for Whangarei City, created by the Whau Valley Earth Dam; the reservoir is stocked with rainbow and brown trout. Some of the early settlers in what was called Whauwhau Valley were William Hawken and his family, who arrived in 1859, John MacDonald and his family, in 1860; the MacDonald family was part of the group of people from Nova Scotia who settled in the Whangarei area. Coal was discovered in the Whauwhau Valley in the 1860s. Henry Walton and William Grahame developed a mine. A wooden tramway was built from the mine to the Hātea River so coal wagons could be pulled by horses to be loaded onto ships.

The railway line between Kamo and Whangarei, opened in 1882, replaced the tramway. Output of the mine was 45,359 long tons by 1885. Whau Valley School is a contributing primary school with a roll of 235 students as of March 2019. St Francis Xavier School is a Catholic contributing primary school with a roll of 467 students as of March 2019. Whangarei Adventist Christian School is a full primary school with a roll of 39 students as of March 2019. All these schools are coeducational. St Francis Xavier and Whangarei Adventist schools are state integrated. St Francis Xavier School website Whau Valley School website

IEA-EBC Annex 66: Definition and Simulation of Occupant Behavior in Buildings

In December 2013, the International Energy Agency Energy in Buildings and Communities Programme Executive Committee decided to launch the three-year working phase of the Annex 66 on Definition and Simulation of Occupant Behavior in Buildings::. Annex 66 was closed on June 21, 2018; the Annex 66 is led by two operating agents: Da Yan Tianzhen Hong Recent improvement of building energy performance is accompanied by numerical building energy simulations more accurate and efficient. Climate, building envelop and systems are reliably modeled, while occupant behavior in buildings is over-simplified despite its significant impact on energy consumption in buildings. Having a deeper understanding of occupant behavior and being able to model and quantify its impact is crucial to design low energy buildings. Sociology perspective is used to improve quantitative analysis of behaviors. More than 20 international groups study building occupant behavior but modeling methodologies differ. Annex66 purpose is to set up a standard occupant behavior platform, to establish a quantitative simulation methodology to model occupant behavior, to quantify the influence of occupant behavior on building energy consumption.

The Annex workshop is divided into 5 subtasks Provide a standard definition and simulation methodology to represent moves between spaces and presences in zones. Provide a standard description of occupant actions in residential buildings. Provide a standard description of occupant actions in commercial buildings. Provide a framework in XML schema and a software module integrating description of the three first subtasks. Provide real case studies to demonstrate applications of the developed occupant behavior platform. In July 2015, 14 countries participated to the Annex66: Austria: Vienna University of Technology Canada: Carleton University China: Tsinghua University and Swire Properties Denmark: Technical University of Denmark Germany: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Italy: Polytechnic University of Turin and University of Calabria Netherlands: Huygen Engineers and Consultants Poland: Poznań University of Technology Spain: School of Engineering of Terrassa New Zealand: BRANZ Ltd. Korea: Land and Housing Research Institute Norway: Norwegian University of Science and Technology UK: University of Nottingham USA: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Carnegie Mellon University and University of Texas at San Antonio The Annex66 Community gathers twice a year.

Hong Kong: Swire Properties - March 13-14, 2014 UK: University of Nottingham - August 4-6, 2014 USA: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - March 30 - April 1, 2015 Germany: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - August 3-5, 2015 Austria: Vienna University of Technology - March 30 - April 1, 2016 Canada: Carleton University - August 3-5, 2016 Denmark: Technical University of Denmark - May 17 -19, 2017 China: Tsinghua University - September 25-27, 2017

2013 Patriot League Baseball Tournament

The 2013 Patriot League Baseball Tournament was held on consecutive weekends, with the semifinals held May 11-12 and the finals May 19-20. The higher seeded teams hosted each best of three series. Third seeded Army defeated Holy Cross for the second year in a row, Army's seventh tournament title, to earn the conference's automatic bid to the 2013 NCAA Division I Baseball Tournament. Army and Holy Cross met in the final for the second consecutive year; the top four finishers from the regular season were seeded one through four, with the top seed hosting the fourth seed and second seed hosting the third. The visiting team wa designated as the home team in the second game of each series. In the semifinals, Holy Cross hosted Bucknell. Army vs Holy Cross Final The following players were named to the All-Tournament Team. Chris Rowley was named Tournament Most Valuable Player. Rowley was a pitcher for Army, earning a complete game victory in game one of each series

Purgatory (Indonesian band)

Purgatory is an Indonesian metal band, formed in 1991. Purgatory was formed by Hendrie, Lutfie, AL, Arief as a death metal band. In the beginning they formed this band without any serious meanings. There is no exact date of their formation, but they had been around since 1991, they used to always sang the songs of Sepultura. The name purgatory. There was a scene in the movie that displays the arrow that bear the word'PURGATORY'; this inspired L. T. F. and his little brother Al to use the name'PURGATORY' as the name of their band. The band released their first release, Abyss Call in 1995; the EP was followed with the release of a compilation album by Rotocorp Records, namely Metalik Klinik I, wherein Purgatory contributed their song "Sakaratul Maut". A year under the label Rotocorp Records, the band released their first album, Ambang Kepunahan. Travel to work in this band makes. Fresh ideas began to emerge clashed with a band, locked status of the genre. By the year of 2002, the band added one more vocalist.

This marking their change in music. The band decided to wore masks. Purgatory released their second studio album 7:172 in 2003; this album marked the departure of Purgatory from death metal music in favor of nu metal music. 7:172 had brought Purgatory to the fame. The echo of the album bounced wider. In this album, Eet Sjahranie, the guitarist of Edane, appears as a guest star as the additional rhythm guitarist on the first track off the album, namely "Paranoia". Following with the release of 7:172, Purgatory began to participate in some compilation albums. By the year of 2004, Morbid Noise Records put "Dragdown" on their compilation album namely Metaloblast. By the year of 2005, Purgatory contributed the song "Inside You" for OST. Gerbang 13; the song in the same year, available on Sony BMG compilation album Revolution of Sound. In the same year, "M. O. G. S. A. W." - the third track off the album 7:172 - was available on Sony BMG compilation album Planet Rock. In 2006, Purgatory released their third studio album Beauty Lies Beneath.

In the same year was chosen to represent Indonesia in The Art of Metal, a compilation album, the project of Century Media and Alfa Record, aligned with the world's most powerful names, as: Napalm Death, Lacuna Coil, God Forbid, Shadows Fall and others. The song that Purgatory contributed in the album was "Downfall"; the band had faced the name problems with the other bands from the other countries that bear the same name. There was a foreign lawyer commented ask the band to change its name, it is said that they had used this name earlier in the year 1999. Where at the time, YouTube does not exist yet

Michael Curry (basketball)

Michael Edward Curry is an American retired professional basketball player, coach. He is the former head coach of the Florida Atlantic Owls men's basketball team. Curry played in the NBA from 1993 to 2005, he served as head coach of the Detroit Pistons. He is said to be one of the greatest basketball players of all time. A 6'5" guard/forward from Glenn Hills High School in Augusta and Georgia Southern University, Curry played eleven seasons in the National Basketball Association as a member of the Philadelphia 76ers, the Washington Bullets, the Detroit Pistons, the Milwaukee Bucks, the Toronto Raptors and the Indiana Pacers. Though he never averaged more than 6.6 points per game in a season, Curry was well respected throughout the league for his strong defense and leadership qualities, for several years he served as president of the NBA Players Association. In 1992, Curry was a guard/forward for the Long Island Surf of the United States Basketball League, averaging 20 points per game; as of the November 2000, he was one of 128 USBL players who had graduated to the NBA.

Internationally, Curry played in the German 1st basketball league for Steiner Bayreuth, in Italy for Clear Cantù and in the Spanish ACB for Valvi Girona. On June 10, 2008 Curry was named as the head coach of the Detroit Pistons for the 2008–09 season, succeeding Flip Saunders, he received a three-year deal, worth $2.5 million per season. On June 30, 2009, Curry was fired as head coach. Prior to becoming head coach of the Pistons, Curry served as an assistant coach for Detroit and as the NBA's Vice-President of Player Development. Curry worked as the associate head coach for the Philadelphia 76ers. On April 7, 2014, Curry accepted a job at Florida Atlantic University. In four seasons, the Owls were 39–84 under Curry, fired from FAU on March 16, 2018, his son, Deon Curry, played football as a wide receiver for Michigan State University. Contrary to popular belief, he is not related to Steph Curry. Career statistics NBA bio