Hassan Abdillahi

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Hassan Abdillahi
حسن عبد الله
Born Somalia
Nationality Canadian
Occupation journalist
Title President of Ogaal Radio

Hassan Abdillahi "Karate" (Somali: Xasan Cabdullaahi, Arabic: حسن عبد الله‎) is a Somali journalist and social activist. He is the founder and President of Ogaal Radio.


Abdi hails from the Ogaden Darod clan.[1]

Nicknamed "Karate", he is the founder and President of the Toronto-based Ogaal Radio (88.9FM), the largest Somali community radio station in Canada.[2]

Abdillahi has also played an active supporting role in the formation of the autonomous Jubaland state in southern Somalia, which was officialized in 2013.[3]


Hassan Abdillahi "Karate" being presented with a NEPMCC Media Award by Prime Minister Stephen Harper at Seneca College (2009).

In November 2009, Abdillahi was presented with a National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada (NEPMCC) award by Prime Minister Stephen Harper at an event in Seneca College.[2][4]

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