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Carmen Firan

Carmen Firan is a poet, short story writer and playwright, resident in New York City. She has published twenty books of poetry, novels and short stories, her writings appear in translation in many literary magazines and in various anthologies in France, Sweden, Ireland, Canada, U K, the U. S, her recent books and publications in the United States include: Interviews and Encounters. Carmen Firan in dialogue and poetry with Nina Cassian, Inferno,Rock and Dew and Flesh, The Second Life, The Farce, In The Most Beautiful Life, The First Moment After Death, she is a member of PEN American Center and the Poetry Society of America and serves on the editorial board of the international magazineInterpoezia. She is the co-editor of Naming the Nameless, Stranger at Home, Poetry with an Accent, Born in Utopia. Umbra pierduta Judecata. Adrian Sangeorzan vs Carmen Firan cu un verdict de Andrei Codrescu Timp in doi Interviews and Encounters, Carmen Firan and Nina Cassian,""Dreptul la fericire""', in Romanian Dialogul Vantului cu Marea, Nina Cassian in conversatie cu Carmen Firan,'Unde incepe cerul", in Romanian "Inferno", in English "Detectorul de emotii", in Romanian Miracole mici si mijlocii, in Romanian Words and Flesh, in English Puterea cuvintelor, in Romanian The Second Life: Collection of Novellas and Short-Stories, previous stories translated into English: Somewhere in the East, Light in the Attic, The Second Life, Three for Inferno, The Boiler Man, Post-Meridian, Parking and The Russian Fur Hat Caloriferistul si Nevasta Hermeneutului Farsa, translated into English as The Farce Tot Mai Aproape, in Romanian Sertarul cu albine, in Romanian Rock and Dew in English Cuvinte Locuite, in Romanian Cuceriri Disperate, Romanian with English translation Voci pe Muchie de Cutit, Romanian with English translation Afternoon With an Angel, in English The First Moment After Death, in English Accomplished Error, in English Punished Candors, Places for Living Lonely, Pure Black, Staircase under the Sea, Tamer of Stolen Lives, Paradise for Monday, Illusions on My Own, Cum sa te desparti intr-o zi perfecta Lumina din Pod Vis in Acvariu Vinatoare Imaginara Polen pe Insula Born in Utopia.

- editors Carmen Firan and Paul Doru Mugur, with Edward Foster - Talisman House Publishers, 2006 Testament - Anthology of Romanian Verse - American Edition - monolingual English edition - Daniel Ionita, with Eva Foster, Daniel Reynaud and Rochelle Bews - Australian-Romanian Academy for Culture - 2017 - ISBN 978-0-9953502-0-5 Carmen Firan's official website

Miloš Ćojbašić

Miloš Ćojbašić is a Serbian professional basketball player playing for Tundja Yambol of the Bulgarian League. Ćojbašić started playing basketball for KK Borča in Belgrade. In 2016, he joined KK ZemunBelgrade. In summer 2017, he became a new player of Crvena zvezda youth team. Ćojbašić won the second place at the 2017–18 Junior ABA League season with the Crvena Zvezda. Over six tournament games, he averaged 1.8 rebounds per game. He won the second place at the 2018–19 Junior ABA League season with the Crvena Zvezda. In January 2018, Ćojbašić signed his first professional contract with Crvena zvezda and he played for Crvena zvezda youth team. In August 2018, he was loaned out to Žarkovo of the Second League of Serbia. In August 2019, he was added to Sloga of the Second League of Serbia. Profile at Profile at Profile at Profile at ABA League

Kim Taylor (entrepreneur)

Kim Taylor is an American entrepreneur. She founded the online college manager company Ranku and the recruitment technology company Cluster, the latter of which she is serving as its CEO. Taylor attended college at a small Jesuit school in Wisconsin, during which she spent a year as an NBA dancer with the Milwaukee Bucks which went to the East conference finals, she transferred to Arizona State University to study journalism, during which she covered football games for The Arizona Republic. She graduated from Arizona State in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts, continued working with The Arizona Republic. In 2008, she was working with an online publisher in Chicago but started having interests in online education. In 2012, she joined the cast of entrepreneurs in the reality television series Start-Ups: Silicon Valley where she worked as an account manager and head of sales for Ampush Media. During the series, she quit Ampush and created a startup business called Shonova which focused on the fashion industry.

However, Shonova lasted a few weeks. In June 2013, Taylor joined Kaplan EdTech Accelerator, a partnership between Kaplan, Inc. and Techstars which hosts and funds startup companies in education technology and product innovation for a three-month program in New York City. As part of joining EdTech, she co-founded with childhood friend Cecilia Retelle the online degree company Ranku and served as the Chief Executive Officer, she named it after the Japanese rending of the phrase rank. The goal of the company was to enable non-profit universities that offer online degrees to compete with the larger for-profit online degree companies such as University of Phoenix. Mark Cuban was the lead investor in Ranku. Business Insider named Taylor one of “Silicon Alley Top 100 Coolest People In New York Tech” in 2013. In 2016, Ranku was acquired by John Sons. Taylor founded the company Cluster, which aims to help job seekers in the manufacturing industry

Mount Colvin

Mount Colvin is the 39th highest peak in the High Peaks Region of the Adirondack Mountains, in the U. S. State of New York. Mount Colvin offers excellent views of a number of other Adirondack High Peaks, most notably the peaks that comprise the Great Range. High Peaks that are visible from Colvin include Giant, Rocky Peak Ridge, Upper Wolfjaw, Lower Wolfjaw, Sawteeth, Saddleback, Tabletop, Haystack, Allen, Nippletop and Blake; the mountain is named after Verplanck Colvin, an explorer of the Adirondacks and the director of the survey which mapped the region. After naming many other peaks and geographic features, he chose this less-prominent mountain to name after himself. U. S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: Mount Colvin Mount Colvin Mount Colvin

List of Haibane Renmei episodes

Haibane Renmei is a Japanese animated television series. It was directed by Tomokazu Tokoro, animated by the Japanese animation studio Radix, produced by Yasuyuki Ueda; the episodes are based on the brief dōjinshi The Haibane of Old Home by Yoshitoshi ABe, expanding on the original concepts over thirteen episodes. ABe wrote the screenplay for the anime; the plot of the episodes follows Rakka, a girl who hatches from a cocoon in a strange town with no memory of who she was before. The episodes aired from October 2002 to December 18, 2002 on Animax and Fuji Television; the first five ran two weeks apart, the remaining eight were shown weekly in back-to-back pairs. Geneon, Haibane Renmei's Japanese distributor owned the license for the series' English release in the United States until it was acquired by Funimation in 2010. MVM Films owns distribution rights in the United Kingdom and Madman Entertainment owns them in Australia and New Zealand. Two pieces of theme music are used for the episodes; the opening theme is "Free Bird" by Kow Otani and the closing theme is "Blue Flow" by Masumi Itō with Heart of Air.

The soundtrack album, was released on December 30, 2002 in Japan and August 5, 2003 in the United States. In Japan, Geneon released a total of 5 DVD compilations of Haibane Renmei between December 21, 2002 and April 25, 2003. Instead of being called "discs," these releases were labelled "COG.1," "COG.2," etc. A complete three-disc boxed set was released on November 21, 2004. In the United States, Geneon released 4 DVD compilations of Haibane Renmei, each with its own title, between August 26, 2003 and February 24, 2004; the first disc was available either with a storage box for the series. In 2012, Funimation re-released the series in a 2-disc set under their Anime Classics label. Official website for the anime series Haibane Renmei on IMDb