Hawk's Nest, New York

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Coordinates: 41°25′04″N 74°44′06″W / 41.417758°N 74.73489°W / 41.417758; -74.73489

The retaining wall at the Hawk's Nest supports a scenic pull-out on New York State Route 97

The Hawk's Nest is a scenic location outside Port Jervis, New York high above the Delaware River on New York State Route 97. Its name is derived from the birds of prey that nest in the area. The location is also known for its winding roads and scenic overlooks in the Delaware River Valley.

Route 97 was originally a one-lane dirt road built in 1859.[1] It was paved between 1931–1933 and subsequently dedicated in 1939, and rededicated on September 21, 2002, as part of the "Upper Delaware Scenic Byway", according to a historical marker placed by the Town of Deerpark, where Hawk's Nest is located.[1] The cautionary speed limit on the Hawk's Nest portion of Route 97 is 25 miles per hour (40 km/h).[citation needed]



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