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Average life expectancy in France at birth is 81 years.[1][2]

Healthcare issues in France[edit]

Obesity in France[edit]

Even though French are among the thinner Europeans (see chart below), obesity in France has been increasingly cited as a major health issue in recent years, it is now considered a political issue whereas just a few years prior it would only have been an issue reported on television talk shows or in women's magazines.[3] There is a myth about French people not getting overweight or obese[4] however France is only ranked as the 128th fattest country in the World,[5] one of the lowest rank among developed countries and French food has long been studied for its healthy diet.

Country Average weight BMI[6] Daily Calorie Intake Source
United Kingdom 80 kg 29 2,200 [7]
Italy 74 kg 26 2,100
Germany 73.5 kg 26 2,400
France 68 kg 24 2,200

Public health[edit]

France, as all EU countries, is under an EU directive to reduce sewage discharge to sensitive areas; in 2006, France was only 40% in compliance, one of the lowest achieving countries in the EU with regard to this waste-water treatment standard[8]

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