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Heather Gemmen
Born (1971-04-04) 4 April 1971 (age 48)
Ontario, Canada
OccupationAuthor, editor, speaker
GenreMemoir, Children's literature
Notable worksStartling Beauty

Heather Gemmen (born 4 April 1971) is an author of children's books but is probably best known for her memoir, Startling Beauty. In this book, she describes becoming pregnant after being sexually assaulted while living and working for community development and racial reconciliation in the innercity, it describes her struggle with the decision to not only carry the baby to term but raise this little girl as her own instead of having an abortion.

Gemmen is an international speaker, advocating for pro-life issues, racial reconciliation, and Christian spiritual growth.

Gemmen's works have been translated into over ten languages.


Heather Gemmen grew up on a hobby farm in Canada, her father and mother, both immigrants from the Netherlands, were Christian people who opened their home to numerous children in the foster care system—some of whom still claim this family as their own even as adults. Gemmen's siblings by birth are all older than she. Gemmen attended a private Christian school and was surrounded by good friends and relatives all her life.

Gemmen became a United States citizen in 1995. During her marriage, Gemmen gave birth to three children and adopted one other, she used her BA in English to become a professional book editor. In 2004, she and her husband were divorced. Gemmen remarried a year later.

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