Hedwig of France, Countess of Mons

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Hedwig of France
Countess of Mons
Born c. 970
Died after 1013
Spouse Rainier IV of Hainaut
Issue Lambert
Reginar V
Father Hugh Capet
Mother Adelaide of Aquitaine

Hedwig of France (c. 970 – after 1013), also called Avoise, Hadevide or Haltude, was Countess of Mons. She was the daughter of Hugh Capet, the first King of France, and his wife, Queen Adelaide of Aquitaine.


In 996 Hedwig married Rainier IV of Hainaut (947–1013), their children were:


Following the death of her first husband, Hedwig remarried to Hugh de Dagsbourg, she died after 1013.