Helen Chang

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Helen Chang
Chang Hwa-kuan
2014臺灣嘉義縣縣長張花冠於水上鄉廟口 Chang Hua-kuan, Magistrate of Chiayi County, TAIWAN (cropped).jpg
Magistrate of Chiayi County
Assumed office
20 December 2009
Preceded by Chen Ming-Wen
Personal details
Born 7 July 1954 (1954-07-07) (age 64)
Chiayi County, Taiwan
Nationality Republic of China
Political party Democratic Progressive Party
Alma mater National Chung Hsing University
National Chung Cheng University

Helen Chang or Chang Hua-kuan (Chinese: 張花冠; pinyin: Zhāng Huāguān) is a Taiwanese politician. She has served as the Magistrate of Chiayi County since 20 December 2009.[1][2]

Early life[edit]

Chang obtained her bachelor's degree in business administration from National Chung Hsing University and her master's degree in strategic and international affairs from National Chung Cheng University.

Chiayi County Magistrate[edit]

Chang was elected Magistrate of Chiayi County on 5 December 2009 under the Democratic Progressive Party and assumed office on 20 December 2009. She was reelected for a second term on 29 November 2014.[3]

2014 Chiayi County Magistrate Election Result
No. Candidate Party Votes Percentage
1 Huang Hong-cheng (黃宏成) Independent 8,639 2.82%
2 Helen Chang Green Taiwan in White Cross.svg DPP 193,399 63.09% Vote1.svg
3 Won Chung-chun (翁重鈞) Emblem of the Kuomintang.svg KMT 104,488 34.09%


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