Hellenic Air Force Museum

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The Hellenic Air Force Museum was founded in 1986 and since 1992 has been located on Dekelia Air Base in Acharnes north of Athens. In opposition to the War Museum of Athens it displays air force history and is active in restoring and presenting old aircraft. Most aircraft in the collection come from the Hellenic Air Force; some were exchanged with other European aircraft museums.

The HAF Underwater Operations Team (KOSYTHE) helped recover some rare aircraft from underwater for the museum: a Bristol Blenheim, a Junkers Ju 52/3m and a Junkers Ju 87.

Aircraft on display[edit]

Republic F-84G in the main hangar

Recovered from the sea to be restored

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Coordinates: 38°06′17.7″N 23°46′42.4″E / 38.104917°N 23.778444°E / 38.104917; 23.778444