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Hematocolpos is a medical condition in which the vagina fills with menstrual blood. It is often caused by the combination of menstruation with an imperforate hymen.[1][2] It is sometimes seen in Robinow syndrome, uterus didelphys, or other vaginal anomalies.

A related disorder is hematometra, where the uterus fills with menstrual blood.[3] It presents after puberty as primary amenorrhoea, recurrent pelvic pain with a pelvic mass. This can be caused by a congenital stenosis of the cervix, or by a complication of a surgical treatment.[4] Mucometrocolpos is the accumulation of mucous secretions behind an imperforate hymen.[5][6] Mucometrocolpos can sometimes cause abdominal distention.[7][8][9][10]


It is generally treated surgically, with a hymenotomy or other surgery to remove any tissue that blocks the menstrual flow.


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