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Henry Bogdan (born February 4, 1961 in Riverside, California), is an American musician. He is perhaps best known as the original bass guitarist and a founding member of the alternative metal band, Helmet. Henry Bodgan played bass for all of Helmet's albums released up until 1997 which included Strap It On, Meantime, Betty, and Aftertaste.

After Helmet broke up in 1998, Bogdan remained active in music but has largely moved away from the hard rock/metal scene. Now focusing on pedal steel and lap steel guitars, Bogdan has made guest appearances in a number of musically diverse bands, including playing the song "Ramblin' Man" with Hank Williams III for The Melvins' album The Crybaby, he has also worked extensively with The Moonlighters, a Hawaiian steel guitar/jazz band that has played very frequently in New York City. Bodgan also played lap steel on several songs on Bahamut, the debut album of the group Hazmat Modine.

Bogdan currently lives in Portland, Oregon and plays with the Midnight Serenaders.

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