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Henry Lovelich (fl. mid-15th c.) was an English poet of 15th-century London. His best-known work is as a Middle English verse translator of Robert de Borron's lengthy Arthurian poems, The History of the Holy Grail and The Romance of Merlin.[1]


The estimated dates for the Holy Grail and Merlin translations are 1450–1475,[2] although some earlier scholars suggested 1420–1455.[3] The form of English employed has been described as "a Southern dialect with some Midland forms in evidence". The versification has been described as poor, but the Merlin manuscript has never been fully edited or glossed.[3] Several of Henry Lovelich's works have been published by the Early English Text Society.[4]

One recent historian has proposed Lovelich as the actual author of a chronicle hitherto ascribed to Gregory of London.[5]

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