Her Interactive

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Her Interactive
Industry Video game
Founded 1995
Headquarters Bellevue, Washington, United States
Products Video games
Website HerInteractive.com

Her Interactive is a video game company based in Bellevue, Washington. The company was founded as a division of American Laser Games, and spun off as an independent entity. It later bought out its former parent company. The company designs, develops and publishes adventure-mystery games, most of which are based on the Nancy Drew franchise.


The company was launched as a division of American Laser Games called "Games for Her Interactive" in May 1995.[1] Its first title was McKenzie & Co.[2] After finding initial success, the company became independent of American Laser Games and eventually bought out its former parent company. Her Interactive relocated to Bellevue, Washington in the late 1990s. The company is known for its Nancy Drew adventure-mystery game series.

List of games[edit]

Nancy Drew Adventure[edit]

Nancy Drew Dossier[edit]

Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries[edit]

  • Shadow Ranch (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch 2011)
  • Castle Finster (cancelled)

Other releases from Her Interactive[edit]


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