Hermann Friedrich Teichmeyer

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Hermann Friedrich Teichmeyer

Hermann Friedrich Teichmeyer (April 30, 1685 – February 5, 1746) was a German physician and botanist born in Hannoversch Münden. He was father-in-law to Albrecht von Haller (1708–1777).

The botanical genus Teichmeyeria (Scop., 1777) is likely named after him, although etymological information is lacking.[1] It is considered to be synonymous with the genus Gustavia.[2]

Teichmeyer was a professor of experimental physics, medicine and botany at the University of Jena. He was a pioneer of forensic medicine, being remembered for his 1723 publication of Institutiones medicinae legalis vel forensis, an important textbook on forensics that was later translated into German.


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