In Greek mythology and art, the name Hesione refers to various mythological figures, of whom the Trojan princess Hesione is most known. According to the Bibliotheca, the most prominent Hesione was a Trojan princess, daughter of King Laomedon of Troy, sister of Priam and second wife of King Telamon of Salamis; the first notable myth Hesione is cited in is that of Hercules. However, her role becomes significant many years when she is described as a potential trigger of the Trojan War. Apollo and Poseidon were angry at King Laomedon because he refused to pay the wage he promised them for building Troy's walls. Apollo sent a Poseidon a sea monster to destroy Troy. Oracles promised deliverance if Laomedon would expose his daughter Hesione to be devoured by the sea monster Cetus and he exposed her by fastening her naked to the rocks near the sea. Heracles and Oicles happened to arrive on their return from the expedition against the Amazons. Seeing her exposed, Heracles promised to save her on condition that Laomedon would give him the wonderful horses he had received from Zeus as compensation for Zeus' kidnapping of Ganymede.

Laomedon agreed, Heracles slew the monster. In some accounts, after being swallowed by it, he hacked at its innards for three days before it died, he emerged. However, Laomedon refused to give him the promised award. In a expedition, Heracles attacked Troy, slew Laomedon and all of Laomedon's sons except the youngest, Podarces. Heracles gave Laomedon's daughter Hesione as a prize to Telamon instead of keeping her for himself, he allowed her to take with her any captives. Heracles allowed her to ransom him in exchange for her veil. Therefore, Podarces henceforth became known as Priam, from ancient Greek πρίασθαι priasthai, meaning "to buy". Heracles bestowed the government of Troy on Priam. However, it is claimed that Priam happened to be absent campaigning in Phrygia during Heracles' attack on Troy. Hesione was taken home by Telamon, married him and bore him a son, half-brother to Telamon's son from his first marriage, Ajax. Alternatively, she became pregnant with Trambelus while still on board the ship and escaped.

Many years when Hesione was an old woman, Priam sent Antenor and Anchises to Greece to demand Hesione's return, but they were rejected and driven away. Priam sent Paris and Aeneas to retrieve her, but Paris got sidetracked and instead brought back Helen, queen of Sparta and wife of Menelaus. Priam was willing to accept the abduction of Helen, due to the Greeks' refusal to return Hesione; the name Hesione in Dictys Cretensis 4.22 appears to be an error for Plesione of Dictys 1.9 and that in turn an error for Pleione. Apollodorus. Apollodorus' Library and Hyginus' Fabulae: Two Handbooks of Greek Mythology. R. Scott Smith. Hackett. ISBN 978-0872208209. Schwab, G.. Gods and Heroes of Ancient Greece. New York: Pantheon Books

Genius 2000

Genius 2000 is the fourth studio album by Japanese recording artist Namie Amuro. It was produced by Tetsuya Komuro and Dallas Austin, her first collaboration with Austin; this album was released three years after her last album, Concentration 20 and two years after her return from maternity leave to the entertainment industry. The album contains the songs which Komuro produced with American musicians, the songs which Dallas Austin produced, it shows that Amuro's interest shifted to hip-hop and R&B. It was certified double platinum by the RIAJ in February 2000. Namie Amuro - vocals, background vocals Imajin - vocals, background vocals Terry Bradford - background vocals Alex Brown - background vocals Sheila E. - background vocals, percussion Kiyoshi Hiyama - background vocals Yuko Kawai - background vocals Debra Killings - background vocals, bass guitar David Lawson - background vocals Maxayn Lewis - background vocals Lynn Mabry - background vocals Minako Obata - background vocals Takeo Saito - background vocals Kenji Sano - background vocals Naoki Takao - background vocals Will Wheaton Jr. - background vocals Tetsuya Komuro - acoustic piano, synthesizer Tomi Martin - guitar Kazuhiro Matsuo - bass, guitar Chiharu Mikuzuki - bass Renato Neto - keyboard Ramon Stagnaro - guitar Michael Thompson - guitar Producers - Dallas Austin, Tetsuya Komuro Mixing - Mike Butler, Alvin Speights Mixing Assistant - Skye A.

K. Correa Midi & Sound Design - Rick Sheppard Vocal Direction - Kenji Sano Photography - Itaru Hirama Art Direction - Tycoon Graphics Album - Oricon Sales Chart Singles - Oricon Sales Chart Total Single Sales: 1,754,750 Total Album and Single Sales: 2,557,490

Clive Nolan

Clive Nolan is a British musician and producer who has played a prominent role in the recent development of progressive rock. He has been the regular keyboard player in Pendragon, Strangers on a Train and Arena, as well as writing lyrics for Arena and producing or co-producing several other bands' albums. At the age of sixteen, Nolan became the youngest musician in England to gain an'A. L. C. M' composition diploma from the London College of Music. In 1982, Clive won the cup and two medals at the composers competition in the Cheltenham Music Festival. Clive is a music graduate, holding both a B Mus and M Mus. Nolan played violin and viola, although his main study while at university was composition, musical arrangement and conducting. In 2008 Nolan's rock opera She was filmed for DVD in Poland. In 2010 the show was again performed in Bolivia. Since Nolan has started the Caamora Theatre Company, Besides his Progressive Rock ventures Nolan has written a rock-opera, She based upon the novel by Sir H Rider Haggard.

In 2008 it was filmed for DVD in Poland. In 2010 the show was again performed in Bolivia. Since Nolan has started the Caamora Theatre Company, turned She into full musical, performed for the first time in the UK at Cheltenham's Playhouse Theatre in 2012. Nolan's musical Alchemy finished its run at the Jermyn Street theatre in London's West End in August 2014; the libretto is based on the composer's original story. He created a sequel entitled King's Ransom in 2017. Both musicals have now taken the first step towards becoming full theatrical-release feature films, he wrote the lyrics for the 43 minute metal song Crimson II by Edge of Sanity, which came out in 2003. In 2005, Nolan wrote a novel called Mephisto Bridge, as yet unpublished and is being shopped for a deal. Classic Rock Society Best Keyboard Player award won in the years: 1995, 1996, 1998, 2005, 2009, 2010 and 2011. Honorary Visitor to Santa Cruz, Bolivia award received in 2010 from Bolivian government for his theatre work in Santa Cruz.

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