Hessian Order of Merit

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Decoration of Merit
DEU Hessischer Verdienstordens.jpg
Awarded by the Minister-President of Hesse
TypeCivil order of merit
Established1 December 1989
Awarded forOutstanding contributions to the state of Hesse
Total inductees430
DE-HE Der Hessische Verdienstorden BAR.png
Ribbon bar of the order

The Hessian Order of Merit (German: Hessischer Verdienstorden) is a civil order of merit, and the highest award of the German State of Hesse. The order was established 1 December 1989.


The order is presented by the Minister-President of Hesse based on nominations from citizens, though self-nominations are not permitted. The order honours men and women for outstanding contributions to Hesse and may be awarded without regard to residence or citizenship.[1] The order is presented in two classes, the first class being worn around the neck, and the second class being worn suspended from a ribbon on the chest. The number of living recipients is limited to 2,000 for the second class and 800 for the first class.[2]


The badge of the order is a gold rimmed white enamel cross. The center medallion is red with a gold rim. Upon the medallion is a lion as depicted on the Coat of arms of Hesse. Between the arms of the cross are the gold rays of an eight pointed star. The cross is worn on a blue ribbon around his neck in the first class and on a suspended from a ribbon worn on the chest for the second class. Women wear the cross of the Order on a bow of ribbon below the left shoulder.[3]

Notable recipients[edit]


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