Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts

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Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts (Arabic: المعهد العالي للفنون المسرحية‎) was founded in Damascus, Syria in 1977 by some academics such as Saadallah Wannous. The institute heralded a new phase in the development of Syrian theatre and drama which begun with the preparation of the next generation of actors on an academic basis. The Institute includes five departments: Acting, Theatrical Critique, Dramatic Arts, Scenography, and Theatrical Techniques . The Institute has succeeded in rapidly making its mark on the theatre and dramatic arts scene with noted performances being presented in Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Germany and many others.[1]


Coordinates: 33°30′44″N 36°16′44″E / 33.51222°N 36.27889°E / 33.51222; 36.27889